Best Eye Makeup For Blue Eyes Which Is Bound To Turn Heads As You Walk Around

Oct 04, 2018 by Herry Chaudhari

Ladies who are blessed with eyes in the striking shade of blue can enhance it further by choosing the right shades of eyeshadow. Whether you are going out for work or play, we have come up with some expert prescribed looks which can bring out the true diva in you with our step-by-step makeup tutorials.

Rose Gold Makeup Look

Don’t we all love shimmery shades of golden, pink, rich brown and even copper which can glam us up for all the special occasions. You can nail this eye makeup for blue eyes by applying some eye shadow primer and following it with some neutral eye shadow which needs to be evenly blended all over your lid. Next you will have to apply some white eye shadow as a base shade and blend it using your finger or a brush.

casual eye makeup for blue eyes

Some rose gold eye shadow needs to be applied at the center of your lid while some dark brown shades will have to be dabbed on your inner and outer eye corners using a pencil brush. While blending all the colors seamlessly using a fluffy brush you need to ensure that the color remains concentrated in the inner and outer corners without extending too far. Finally, you will have to apply some brown eye shadow on your lower lash line and top it off with some winged eyeliner and mascara.

everyday eye makeup for blue eyes

Gold Makeup Look

The aesthetic mix of purple, brown and gold eye makeup for blue eyes can serve as a great contrast thus accentuating your beauty to the core. You can proceed with this look by dabbing on some eye primer followed by a base shadow. A soft taupe color can be blended into the crease of your eye for creating a much more pronounced look. Next you need to apply your chosen shade of gold eyeshadow smoothly and build up the color using your finger. Since you need to ultimately blend everything out, it doesn’t matter if you cannot exercise extreme precision while building up the color. However, you need to be cautious about not touching the center of the product. Finally, you will have to apply some dark brown shadow on the outer corner of your eye using a pencil brush and blend it into the crease. You can take your pick between shades of purple or red shadow for your lower lash line and finish off the look with some gorgeous eye lashes.

formal eye makeup for blue eyes

Black Matte Smokey Eye

Blending serves as the ultimate key to achieving the perfect smoky eye makeup for blue eyes. No harsh lines should be visible and the final effect needs to be softly blended at the edges. For nailing this look like a pro you need to first invest in some good brushes as the cheap eyeshadow applicators won’t be of much help in performing this professional grade makeup. You can strike the right cord of balance in your entire look by pairing the gorgeous smoky eyes with some nude lip tint. You can begin with this look by applying some primer and matte grey eyeshadow on your eyelid which has to be blended with perfection. Next you will have to add some matte black eye shadow using a pencil brush to your lash line. Your brow bone and inner eye corners need to be highlighted for making them pop and water line needs to be lined with black pencil for greater impact. Finally, you need to curl your lashes and add some mascara for finishing off the look like a true diva.

the perfect eye makeup for blue eyes

Basic Eyeshadow Look

A simple brown look can accentuate your blue eyes in an alluring manner. This everyday look which uses only three shades can be achieved by applying some primer on your eyes and following it with some medium brown eye shadow. This shadow has to be next blended so that excess color does not get onto your lid. Applying some dark shade of brown in the outer corner can add to your eye’s definition. All these majestic hues need to be blended together with a cream shade to rock this look coupled with some mascara and eyeliner.

Cut Crease

To achieve this eye makeup for blue eyes you need to start with the application of eye primer over your entire eyelid and follow it up with some base shadow and white highlighter. Next, you will have to sketch in a crease liner using black eyeliner. The liner has to be gently blended out with a shading brush and some purple eye shadow has to be applied over the line. Finally, you will have to wing out your eyeliner and add some eye shadow under the lower lash line. This look can be finished off in style with some mascara, false eyelashes, and silver highlight in the inner eye corners.

Simple Everyday Look

If you wish to look well-rested and awakened with a simple and quick makeup look then nothing can serve you as well as this particular tutorial. For beginning with eye makeup for blue eyes you need to first apply some eye primer followed by base shadow over your lid which in turn will ease out the blending process. Next, you need to highlight the inner corners of your eye, under the brow and at the center of the lid using your lightest shadow. This trick can instantaneously open up your eyes. Using your darkest shade of brown and a dense brush, you need to draw a V at the outer edges of your eyelids. Finally, it is time to blend out the shades and a large fluffy brush can help you with the same. You can even add the dark shadow under your lower lash line and finish off the look with some false lashes and mascara.

These alluring makeup looks can make your blue eyes sparkle irrespective of their shade. So, take inspiration from the same and channel out mesmeric looks like a true-blue tinsel town diva.