How To Do Eye Makeup Using Only Kohl

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Eye Makeup With Kohl

You find different types of people in this world. Some of the love putting up makeup. Some are too lazy or busy to put up proper makeup every day. But if you would have noticed, the easiest way to look good is eye makeup. Now don’t get scared when I use that term. Eye makeup can just include applying a bit of kohl. No matter how busy you are, you can just take two minutes to look good. Below, we discuss a few ways to do eye makeup using only kohl.

* Do it the basic way: this requires no makeup expertise. You can just apply kohl on the upper and lower portion of the lash line and you are ready to go. This is useful when you have less time in hand.

Eye Makeup With Kohl

* The formal day: want to look a bit formal? You can apply kohl only on the upper lash line and leave the lower lash line as it is. This gives you a clean and formal look.

* Get rid of that dull look: there are certain days when you don’t want to put on any kind of makeup but then again that makes you look dull and boring. You don’t need to worry anymore. All you need to do is apply some kohl in your lower lash line and that will successfully save you from that dull look.

Eye Makeup Using Colossal Kajal

* Hot and appealing: the first thing you get in your mind when I say hot is smoky eyes. Not a rocket science any more, you just need to smudge the kohl on your upper lash line for that. Apply some kohl on your upper lash line and then use some petroleum jelly to smudge it. You get those appealing eyes perfect for every party.

Eye Makeup Using Kajal

* Give your eyes wings: bringing some style back from the nineties, winged eyes look very dramatic. You have to just put some extra kohl on the upper lash lines and stretch it in a way as if you have stretched eyes.

Eye Makeup Using Kohl Only

* The gothic look: one of my personal favorite, you can get a gothic look just by applying some extra amount of kohl on your upper lash lines as well as lower lash lines. Use a darker shade of kohl for maximum effect.

Eye Makeup Using Kohl

* Starry eyes: to get stark eyes, all you need to do is make sure that you put kohl exactly across your lash lines. This is better for people with lesser dark circles as it will be more visible.

These are few of the methods of using kohl that give you beautiful eyes.

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