Makeup Ideas For Women Over 60

Mar 18, 2019 by Kail Valagoth

Although age is just a number, your skin conditions might make you feel blue once you cross over the age limit of 60. The first thing which you need to realise now is that the makeup tricks which served wonders back in your 20s, might not suffice you any further. As a matter of fact, you need to exercise greater precision while proceeding with makeup for women over 60 as the ‘less is more’ rule starts applying from now onwards.

Today we are going to take you through some expert prescribed tips of getting your makeup in line and look flattering round the clock. Be it a corporate meet or a simple get together with your childhood friends, these makeup tips for women over 60 will bring you under the spotlight time and again.

Makeup Tips for Women Over 60

Makeup For Women Over 60 – Ideas & Tips

Proper Skincare Has No Substitute

Moisturizing on a daily basis can impart adequate hydration to plump up your skin. This also helps in creating the perfect base for applying the remaining makeup in a seamless fashion. Dermatologists usually swear by the moisturizers having hyaluronic acid which can cater to ageing skin beautifully.

The makeup for women over 60 also becomes extremely easy to apply if you can reduce the appearance of wrinkles by applying a retinol cream. Regular exfoliation can be of great help in tackling dry and flaky skin so that the foundation does not get cakey over time. You can ether opt for a drugstore exfoliator or a washcloth dipped in coconut oil for treating the problem areas.

Let Primer Be Your Best Friend

Makeup primer is the first step of applying flawless makeup as it allows your foundation and eyeshadow to glide along smoothly. Ideally, you need to apply the primer after applying moisturizer and before applying foundation for best results.

Makeup Tips for Older Women

Selecting The Right Foundation

Your foundation needs to cater to your specific skin requirements now that you have crossed over the age barrier of 60. It is advisable to opt for creamy foundation while proceeding with makeup for women over 60 during winter months.

A tinted moisturizer can cater to your requirements during summer months as your skin tends to become oily during the same. However, opting for a foundation having SPF content can cause your pictures to come off as extremely shiny at various events.

Plump Up Your Lips

Makeup for women over 60 lays special emphasis on plumping up the thinning lips for tagging a younger look and feel. Lip gloss can serve as your perfect choice in such a scenario to make your lips look fuller and more hydrated. For this, you will have to primarily line your lips and fill it using a lipstick shade which is two tones darker than your natural lip color.

This has to be followed by dabbing on some lip gloss which can make your lips look thicker instantaneously. It is also advisable to stay away from dark hues once your cross the age limit of 60. Pinks and rosy reds are any day a better option in comparison to shades of brown or deep plum.

Makeup Tips for Older Women Over 60

Make Your Eyes Do The Talking

An attention-grabbing eye makeup can make you forget all forms of fine lines and wrinkles. For this, you can opt for an eyeshadow shade which will make your eyes pop while enhancing your eye color. Gold and brown shades look excellent on women having hazel or brown eyes whereas blue eyed ladies look alluring in shades of copper, blue-grey, brown and gold.

While proceeding with makeup for women over 60, it is advisable to opt for eye pencils rather than liquid liners. The main reason behind the same is that the liquid liners can come off as a bit harsh on ageing eyes and thus it is advisable to soften the line and smudge it using your fingers. Alternatively, you can also dip an angled makeup brush in dark eyeshadow and use it as a smudgy eyeliner. You should also avoid lining the inner corner of your eye as that tends to make your eyes look smaller.

Curling your lashes can serve as a great way of opening up your eyes. You can warm the lash curler using a blow dryer before curling your lashes. This should be followed by the application of generous mascara coats on your newly curled lashes.

You can also opt for lash extensions if you feel that your eyelashes are not as lush and thick as they used to be 20 years back. Herein it is advisable to opt for individual lashes in the place of a whole length one for a more natural look.

One of the final tips of eye makeup for women over 60 is to take proper care of your eyebrows for benefitting from that instant facelift. You should also refrain from over plucking your brows as they become less likely to grow back at this age. An eyebrow pencil can help you in attaining fuller looking brows. Once you are done filling them, you can brush them evenly using a clean mascara spoolie which has been spritzed with hairspray.

Drawn-in brows need to be avoided as a pencil-thin line devoid of any hair can look both overdone as well as fake. You can easily nail a natural look by filling them by drawing small hair like lines. Rather than tweezing your grey brow hairs, you should conceal them using a pencil or brow powder.

Make Your Eyes Do The Talking

Contouring & Highlighting

Under the contouring technique, you can use blush and bronzers for imparting greater definition to your face. The ultimate aim here is to draw attention towards your best features like the jaw and cheekbone. You can also camouflage problem areas like double chin, thin lips and big nose.

Highlighters on the other hand, can instantly impart a face lift by scraping years off your face. This is why it is considered as an essential component of makeup for women over 60.


Contrary to popular belief, you can actually look and feel younger even after blowing your 60th birthday candle. At the end of the day, it all boils down to taking good care of your skin, eating right and staying happy from inside. Such lifestyle changes are bound to show its effect on your skin in due course.