Enchanting Indian Wedding Makeup For The Bride Who Wishes To Steal The Spotlight

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Every bride wants to look ethereal on her wedding day by ensuring that perfection touches everything starting from her makeup to her attire and even the mandap decorations. We really cannot blame the brides who get tensed pondering over the real-life manifestation of their long drawn fantasies. But amongst all the preparations, you can be guaranteed to score brownie points in the department of makeup coupled with our expert prescribed Indian wedding makeup tips which is bound to make you radiate like a true-blue diva.

  • You need to start by cleansing your face and patting it dry so that no traces of oil or dirt remains on the face. In this way, you can ensure that your makeup stays for long spans of time.
  • The next step in getting your Indian wedding makeup right is the application of some moisturizer for an even skin tone using your fingertips. You can even opt for a tinted moisturizer and follow gentle circular motions while applying the same.
indian bridal makeup looks
  • The primer needs to be applied at a gap of two minutes from moisturizing and blended well for maximum impact. If you follow this step properly, the both your foundation and concealer will stay in place and your makeup will stay intact for long spans of time.
  • A concealer can be of prime importance if you wish to cover up all the blemishes and dark spots. You can even camouflage the reddish blemishes on your skin by using greenish or yellow concealers which can also tag along an instantaneous brightening effect.
indian bridal makeup natural look
  • The foundation you select needs to be devoid of any SPF content as this might render an undesirable ‘flash’ effect to your face in all the photographs. This should be blended properly using a makeup sponge or brush starting from the center of your face. A matte finish foundation can also serve you well.
  • The next phase in Indian wedding makeup is the application of highlighter on the higher zones of the face such as bridge of the nose, cheek bones, cupid’s bow and center of the forehead where the sunlight touches the skin for a chiselled look.
  • Bronzer has been used for long to contour the face and accentuate your features. You can also do the same with an angular blush brush by applying the stokes on each sides of the chin although the center should be left blank. This also has to be repeated on the sides of your forehead and along the nose bone.
  • Coming to the application of a blusher you need to hold a steady smile and dab some in circular motion by slowly blending it upwards towards your ears.
  • Eyeshadow shades of red, fuchsia and golden can beautifully complement the gorgeous wedding attires of Indian brides. You can however keep it safe by opting for a peachy pink or golden shade and render a subtle smoky effect by applying some charcoal shadow at the exterior lid contours. This Indian wedding makeup trick can be nailed in style by applying brown shade at the inner crease area and lining the brow bones with hues of golden. For filling in the eyebrows, you can either proceed with an angular brush dipped in brow powder or an eyebrow pencil.
indian wedding makeup ideas
  • It is advisable not be experiment too much with eyeliner shades on your wedding day and stick to a waterproof jet-black liner. You can draw a thick line along your top eyelid and a heavy line along the lower eyelid coupled with a strong kajal. Its external corner can be smudged for that extra dosage of oomph. A volume-enhancing mascara becomes an absolute must for completing your eye makeup. Alternatively, you can also opt for some false lashes which can magically open up your eyes and make you look like an anime princess.
  • You need to line your lips along its natural line using a color which matches your skin tone if you have thin lips and wish to plump it up. However, if you have plump lips, then you should line your natural lip line using a darker shade and fill it up with a lipstick which complements your entire look. Thin-lipped ladies can even apply a lip plumper whereas large-lipped brides can proceed with a simple lip-gloss by concentrating more at the center.
indian wedding makeup looks
  • The ultimate goal of Indian wedding makeup is to accentuate your best features by keeping your overall look gorgeous and simple. Indian brides usually adorn heavy dresses and chunky jewellery. Thus, their makeup needs to be simple yet stunning for making the maximum impact.
  • If you are thinking of hiring a makeup artist, then you need to explain your demands clearly to her so that she can help you in attaining the look of your dreams. It is also recommended to opt for a trial session prior to your wedding day especially if the makeup artist is an amateur in the beauty industry.
  • Healthy and glowing skin can serve as a potent base of getting your makeup right on the wedding day. Just undergoing some routine salon visits a few days before your wedding might not serve you well as your skin requires time to take in all the treatments and nourishments. Thus, overdoing the same might lead to disastrous results. You need to start pampering your skin at least six to ten weeks prior to your wedding day by booking regular pedicures, manicures and facials.
  • Exfoliation can help you in getting rid of the dead skin cells prior to your D-day. However, you shouldn’t exfoliate more than thrice a week as that might cause your skin to become dry. It is also imperative to apply and reapply sunscreen every time you are out under open sunlight to protect your skin from the harmful UV rays which might tan it otherwise rendering all the skin treatments null and void. It is also imperative to take adequate rest for warding off the stress hormones which are infamous for causing dark circles, under eye bags and even fine lines.
  • You can use chamomile tea bags for dealing with puffy eyes. It is imperative to note here than normal tea bags can stain your skin. It is also essential to get a good 8 hours sleep amidst all these activities as your body can replenish itself during the same.
  • You need to wear your contact lenses before getting started with the Indian wedding makeup as there remains a high chance of your eyes watering once you wear the same. This might even ruin the effort you had given for applying the makeup in the very first place.
  • Your hair has a big role to play in deciding your ultimate look. Opting for a deep conditioning mask at least twice/thrice a month prior to the wedding can make it look voluminous and shiny on your wedding day. A good hairspray can also help you in fighting hair frizz and make it stay in place.

If your skin is prone to pimples, then you need to avoid excess consumption of spices and fried food at least from a month prior to your wedding as doing otherwise might accentuate your chances of getting the same. You should also keep an oil blotting paper handy to blot the oily areas for getting rid of the shine. At the end of the day the last thing you would want to cherish as memories are the wedding photographs with a shiny nose and forehead. You can opt for a cleanser having salicylic acid for effective removal of excess facial oil which is infamous for causing acne breakouts.

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