The Battle Of The Makeup Sponges

Sep 15, 2017 by Kail Valagoth

If you have been invested in the world of beauty and makeup gurus in the recent times, you will know the craziness that has been going around the makeup community in terms of makeup sponges and the quest to find one that works the best. With so many people coming up with absolutely crazy hacks which are often nothing short of completely bizarre, it is often hard to find the legitimate tools that actually work. If you are wondering about which makeup sponge to buy, here is a list of some of the options available on the market for you to choose from.

Makeup Sponges How To Use

What is a makeup sponge?

A makeup sponge, quite simply put is a sponge that you apply makeup with. It can vary depending on the material that the sponge is made of, the shape of the sponge, the density of the sponge and the intended usage. Makeup sponges are generally used for applying liquid or cream products and are generally intended for the face and body.

They can be used with primers, foundation, concealer, cream contours and for baking with a loose powder or even setting your entire face.

Types of sponges

Beauty Blender – This is the original makeup sponge that still has no dupe. To use the beauty blender, you need to dampen it with water and then apply the product with small tapping motions.

Different Types Makeup Sponges

The beauty blender leaves a beautiful skin-like texture on the skin and just makes your makeup look absolutely flawless and can be used for foundation, concealer, contouring, highlighting or setting the face. The density and the softness of the sponge is unparalleled and is a cult favorite amongst beauty influences.

Real Techniques – This is the closest dupe to the beauty blender and not nearly as expensive as the beauty blender. This does leave a great finish on the skin and the flat end can be easier for beginners to work with, making it a good investment if you are just starting out on your makeup journey.

Makeup Sponges Types

Sillisponge – This is an interesting concept as it is made of silicone and it works for the most part. Being silicone, it does not absorb a lot of the product and it does stretch your foundation a long way, however, since it does not have a lot of texture on the blender itself, it can be hard to get rid of the lines left by the sponge. If you are serious about stretching your products and optimizing product usage, what you can do is use the sillisponge to apply the product and blend it in as much as possible and then go over with an inexpensive wedge sponge to really blend it in.

Cake and Bake – This is a sponge that is intended to be used with powder and if you are looking for a sponge to bake with (setting the under-eye concealer with loose setting powder and letting it warm up and melt into the skin), this is the sponge for you. The precise edges of the sponge and the clean lines are great for tucking powder right underneath the eye and get a good amount of powder underneath there. It can also help sharpen up contour lines and get a precise look.

Types Of Makeup Sponges

Finger makeup sponge – This is an interesting product as it looks like a hat for your fingers and can be slipped onto your fingertips. The cool part about this sponge is that it can help you out so much if you are a professional artist and not trying to touch the client’s face or to drop the sponge and get dirt from the floor all over your sponge. It is also a great tool if you have deep set areas in your face like the side of the nose, the cupid’s bow or the inner corner and can help you get a lot of precision in small areas of your face. Similarly, it is a great product for under eye concealers as it can help tuck the product right underneath your eyes.

So, there you have it, a comprehensive list of the makeup sponges you can find on the internet or at the stores and how all of them perform. Sponges can work differently on different people based on skin texture and face shape, so it can be a little bit of a trial and error before you find your perfect match.