Alluring Asian Eye Makeup Tips You Need To Implement In Your Daily Routine

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One of the biggest issues of Asian women is their size of eyes which have given rise to numerous makeup tutorials set out by experts around the globe for opening up the same. The very diversity of Asian eye makeup paves the requirement for an array of makeup techniques. We understand how difficult it gets to deal with monolid and hooded Asian eyes and thus we have come up with some expert prescribed tips which will ensure that you never have a bad makeup day ever again.

* A proper base makeup layer needs to be applied first on your eyelid so that your makeup lasts for longer spans of time. It is also advisable to apply a little primer on the lids and blend it properly so that it can even out your skin tone and serve as a potent base for the rest of your Asian eye makeup to take effect. With a large array of affordable primers available in the market, taking the final pick won’t be a tough nut to crack.

asian eye makeup application techniques

The eyeshadow primers are famous for creating a layer on your eyelid which can render a better grip to the eyeshadow which will look more pigmented. This can serve as a miracle makeup product if you have oily eyelids as your eyeshadow wont crease any more. Some of the eyeshadow primers even come with a pinkish-white formula which acts as a color booster so that your eyeshadow looks more punchy and vivid post application.

* Dark circles and fine lines around the eyes can be concealed with three dots of concealer starting from the start point of the eye and ranging to the end portion. You should be cautious about not rubbing the same in a circular motion as this should be blended using your ring finger.

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* Eyeshadow can make a huge difference in your ultimate look. While darker shadows can enhance the depth of your eye making it look more alive and soulful, lighter shadows can add a dash of sparkle by brightening it up every time light rays hit your eyelids. Brown has for long been treated as the easiest and safest eyeshadow color for beginners given the large variety of brown shades easily available in the market. You can readily opt for red-brown or terracotta hued eyeshadow if you have warm undertones to your skin. To determine your undertone, you need to look at the underside of your wrist. You are likely to have cool undertones if your veins are more on the bluish side whereas you have warm undertones if your veins appear green.

* Your eyeshadow palette needs to contain at least three shades of your chosen color with the middle shade being closest to your natural skin tone or maybe just a shade darker than the same. This is known as the transition shade and is significantly darker than the lighter one. This shade is also known as highlighter shade. The contour or the intensity of the darker shade might vary and you can use it to your advantage for nailing the smoky Asian eye makeup. It is recommended to opt for a shade which is two times darker in comparison to the transition shade for a natural look.

asian eye makeup tips

* The transition shade needs to be applied all over the lid using an eyeshadow brush so that it grabs more pigment. While applying eyeshadow powder you should always tap off the excess by knocking the handle of your brush against a hard corner such as the edge of your eyeshadow palette or even a table. If you don’t tap off the excess powder, then the same might end up slipping off your eyelids and straight onto your face. The eyeshadow needs to be applied all over your eyelids but you should be cautious about the fact that the same doesn’t reach your eyebrows. A tiny strip of your natural skin color needs to be visible beneath your eyebrows. Beginners are advised to leave a bigger gap in between their eyebrows and eyeshadow while proceeding the Asian eye makeup. Although you will have to suffice with a smaller working canvas in such a case, the chances of your mistakes getting amplified also diminishes rhetorically.

* Darker eyeshadow needs to be applied with a smaller brush on the outer corner of your eyelid. Makeup Moghuls advise the application of darker eyeshadows in an “outer V” shape extending from the outer corner of your eye and simultaneously folding back onto itself. The upper portion of the V needs to be thinner and lighter than the bottom. Thus, you need to be extremely cautious while doing the same.

asian eye makeup tricks

* Now the lighter color has to be applied on your brow bone and the inner corner of your eye using another brush. This can make your eyes open up magnificently and also make you look younger. The same color has to be swept on the skin in between your brow bone and transition shade. This is known to conjure an illusion of a more defined brow bone and deep set eyes.

* Now is the time for blending so that no clear line remains in between the shades which you have applied over your eyelid. All the three shades need to blend in together to pave the path for a seamless transition from one to another. However, you need to be cautious about not mixing up the colors together into a muddy mess. It is imperative to note here that blending requires a great deal of time and patience which can only be mastered with thorough practice.

Asian women have uniquely shaped and extremely beautiful eyes. Coupled with our Asian eye makeup tips you can accentuate the same in an easy manner.

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