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Contouring Makeup

Are you a huge fan of Kim Kardashian? If yes, then you certainly would have come across the term ‘contouring’. After all, this face sculpting technique has swept over all social media platforms and the biggest runways of the world. Log into your Instagram account and you’ll find literally millions of videos posted by different fashion experts and aficionados who have mastered this art themselves.

This makeup-up trick called contouring was always a part of the fashion and cosmetics industry. The only difference was that it was used in professional photo shoots. No one was crazy about this chiseled bone look as now, and you’ll not find one makeup artist without a contouring makeup palette. Also, women are crazy to learn about how to do contouring makeup.

Contouring Makeup Tips

The Kim K trend

As per the recent statement of a celebrity critic, it’s difficult to flip through magazine pages or change TV channels without catching a glimpse of one of the Kardashians. It’s not uncommon to find a photograph of the famous sisters going to the market, returning from the gym, with fully sculpted faces that scream nothing short of ‘perfection’. Everyone’s going crazy over this latest trend, and if you want to be a part of this fashion parade, it’s perfectly fine. Why are people going crazy over this trend? What’s so special in contouring makeup after all? It’s not just the beauty of it, but the simplicity of it as well. The technique of applying it might not be the simplest, but the beauty of it is that it can be easily blended into simple makeup looks. This basically means that if you’re going to the office or even a daytime party when you cannot over do, and need to sport natural looking makeup, you can contour then too.

Not the easiest

Two facts have been established till now, that it’s a trend here to remain, and that it’s not the easiest makeup technique. If you’ve never contoured before you might feel a little intimidated by all the makeup videos you’ve seen till date.

Even though not the simplest makeup technique, it’s not that complicated too. It’s very much doable, after the entire whole world is doing it, and you don’t need to be some kind of pro for getting your cheekbones sculpted. If you want to learn from the goddess herself, log into Kim K’s Instagram page and there you’ll find loads of unblended contour photos that will guide you. If you’re not that much into fashion makeup you may not get the entire idea from just the photographs.


Contouring Makeup For Beginners

Self created kit says Miss Fame

You cannot imagine getting a contoured look without the proper kit right? Although, there are several compact contouring kits available, it’s better to create your own. Miss Fame aka the goddess of makeup artists recommends creating your own contouring kit by combining different shades. So, all you need to create your own sculpting kit is three foundation sticks. Yes! A minimum three sticks is required, for purposes of shading. The first stick should be the same as your skin tone; one should be two shades lighter and the other two shades darker. Purchase a kabuki brush or simply use your fingertips to even out the shade and blend it well to make it appear uniform.

How To Make A Contouring Makeup

Master the art

It does sound super simple, but you have to know the purpose of the dual shades, and where to apply. Large forehead problems? Contouring can make it appear smaller. With the darker of the two sticks apply lines on your temple, and the hollow part below your cheekbones. If large forehead is the issue, keep drawing the stick right to the hairline, after blending it will create the illusion of a smaller temple. If short nose is the issue use the same technique and draw the line from the tip right to end of the nose, where it’s in the same line with the brows. Now, all this needs to be done after you have applied your regular base foundation. After putting the darker shade in correct lines use a damp beauty blender that so easily available these days. Use it to gently pat the makeup and blend it well with the base color. Remember small hand strokes, and you’re just dabbing the makeup not stroking it in different directions.

Contouring Makeup Guide

Now you are just a step away from the sculpted Kim K look. Use the lighter shade and apply it in lines below the darker shades. Apply it on your cheekbones, a little on the bridge of the nose, especially below the eyes, and a little on the center of the temple. Blend it in the same way with damp beauty blender, and finally lock in the look with loose powder.

If you want to look your best, contouring is probably the most effective technique. Master the art of contouring makeup, keep practicing, and you might become the next face of Instagram craze. Who knows?

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