Tricks To Hide Your Age With Makeup

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Makeup Tricks And Secrets

Age is something that slips by as soon as you’re done blinking twice. No matter what you do, the glow of your youthful days isn’t going to visit you anymore. Spend all your savings but you’re never going to get that ageless look. Learn all about how to apply makeup to remind you of your young age, again.

Glowing, young face.

  • When you are growing old, your skin starts to sag and lose its moisture content. So that your makeup doesn’t look like blotched, use some glycolic acid. Use some moisturizer after that and give your face the natural oils it needs. Use a foundation which has a yellowish texture to it. This will give your skin some glow. Also select something that gives your skin some spark.
  • The right way to apply your foundation is with the help of a sponge. Soak a sponge in water and squeeze out the water. Now take a small quantity of your foundation and use your sponge to apply it on your face. Blend in slowly.
  • As you grow old it starts showing on your skin. It looks pasty. Rather than using a cream based concealer try out the liquid based one. It will help you hide those fine lines and wrinkles.
  • Avoid powders and use more of cream based products to help your skin retain its moisture.
Makeup Tricks And Hacks

Cheeks that are rosy and ruby.Cheeks that are rosy and ruby.

  • Apply some blush on your cheeks. Choose nothing other than cream based blush.
  • Select shades that have a hint of pink and gold in them. You can even choose berry shades.
  • Lift up your cheeks again. On the apples of your cheek apply cream blush and right at the center of your cheekbones, put some highlighter. Remember blending is the key. Merge it upwards towards your ears.

Let your eyes shine.

Before applying any makeup, you must remember that the elasticity of your skin reduces and it starts to droop. Your eyes look heavy. So, you need to work on that to make them dazzle and look brighter and bigger.

  • You must hide those dark circles underneath your eyes. Use a concealer to do so and blend well.
  • Apply a primer or eyeshadow base before putting on your eye makeup. It will help your makeup from fading.
  • Ditch the black eyeliner. Use cream or brown colored pencils to look awake and fresh.
  • Champagne or light brown shade, mocha,vanilla, a hint of gold or something that is a combination of oranges and peaches are the right choices for eye makeup.
  • Don’t hesitate to add some shimmer.
  • As you grow old your eyebrows start to thin. Stop tweezing every now and then. Also use a liner which is brown not black to fill the empty place in your brows.
  • You must never forget to curl your lashes and apply mascara on them.
  • Choose a shade of eyeshadow that is completely opposite to your eye color. It will help you to pop the color of your eyes.

Don’t stop pouting.

The older you grow, the more your lips are going to shrink and shrivel. They will look smaller and thinner.

  • Try to go for nude lips which will bring out the natural tone of your lips.
  • Choose your lipstick from berry, pink or mauve shades. You can even go for a bright color to look vibrant.
  • To give your lips the feel of being fuller apply some Vaseline to the middle portion of your lip. You can even apply gloss.
  • Always apply some balm and sunscreen on your lips to protect them.
  • As you age the lines on your lips start to be visible even more. Apply some foundation on your lips and dab it with powder so that it doesn’t look patchy.
  • Make sure you work on the bow of your lip by highlighting it. Use a lipliner of darker shade and apply it on the bow. Now apply the same shade of lipstick and you’re ready to go.

Yes, age is just a number but when it starts showing on your face you’re not going to enjoy the experience. So, rather than freaking out, make sure you make the best use of your makeup tricks to conceal it.

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