The Best Makeup Tips For Complimenting The Color Of Your Hair

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How To Match Makeup With Hair Color

We all know what Good Makeup can do to our looks, don’t we? But when do we really achieve great makeup? When every aspect of our looks falls into place. You may have the Best Makeup Guide to help you and you have implemented all the Makeup Ideas that you think are perfect for you and yet you will end up messing one thing or the other. That is why we must give value and time towards each and every detail of our body while Applying Makeup.

Why is it important to match makeup with hair color?

For starters you would surely not want your hair color to be louder than your makeup and make you look like an idiot, would you?

Changing Makeup With Hair Color

Applying the right makeup to compliment your hair color is one of the significant steps of achieving the perfect look. The following Hair Makeup Tips are hence provided for your benefit.

For the blondes

If you are blonde and you have put up the wrong makeup then you are sure to end up looking washed out. Blonde hair is complimented best with pastel shades and soft tones so that a subtle contrast is created. Pink or ivory colored eye shadow might work wonders for you. Brown mascara might even do the trick for you. Whatever you do you must not apply a brown lipstick or else you might look simply dull.

How To Match Makeup With Hair Color

For dark hair

Most dark haired beauties have the gift of dark eyes as well. They have the advantage of wearing almost any shade with equal ease. Nude lips and sharply defined Eye Makeup will work wonders for you. You may also try out ark red or plum colored lipstick on your lips and see how it works out. I think it will work out just fine.

Makeup Hair Color

Honey colored hair

Golden shimmer and a light colored eye shadow will do the trick for your eyes. Violet eyeliner or even a brown one will complete the eyeliner tips for your eyes. Finish your eye look with two coats of mascara. Try out a nude pink shade on your lips and lip gloss on top of it.

Makeup Shades Hair Color

For Redheads

Women having dark red hair should play along with neutral shade more often. Add more drama to your eyes while keeping the lips nude.

Makeup Tips For Hair Color Change

For lighter shades of red hair one can try pink coral blush on the cheeks. For God’s sake avoid any shade of orange. Black or brown mascara will work just fine.