Scintillating Makeup Tips For The Brown Eyed Beauties

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Since brown lacks any complementary or opposite hue in the color wheel, almost all makeup shades look equally alluring on brown-eyed women. The depth of the eye color stands out as the ultimate determining factor in regards to the type of makeup which shall look good, i.e. are they medium brown or almost black. Women having brown eyes can pull off both brown and black eyeliner with equal sass which thus positions them at an advantageous state over their girlfriends.

We are often unaware of the various methods of using makeup to accentuate the beauty of our eyes. Just like the shape of our eyes, its color also has a big role to play in determining which makeup shades shall look best on it. Today we have collated some simple tips of eye makeup for brown eyes which is bound to enhance your beauty majestically.

beautiful makeup tips for brown eyes

Deep Brown Eyes

Medium to dark eyeshadow shades looks good on women having dark brown eyes. You can take your pick amongst shades of charcoal grey, forest green, or plum eye makeup for brown eyes. While selecting a flattering eyeliner shade, you need to check the flecks of lighter hues in your eyes. Metallic shades of bronze and gold, as well as warm shades of mauves and dark browns, also look mesmeric on brown-eyed divas.

* Plum shades tag along a rustic feel which looks gorgeous during the autumn months on brown eyed ladies. You can pair it up with a brightly coloured top, jeans and boots for taking on your day with style. While proceeding with such eye makeup for brown eyes, you will first have to apply a brown shade having pink undertones at the crease of your eyes and follow it up with plum shades at the inside of your eyelids and its middle. Next you need to apply dark purple shade in the outer corner of your eyes and blend it properly. The entire look can be finished off with some generous coats of volumizing mascara and precisely drawn eyeliner.

cool makeup tips for brown eyes

* Dark green shades can look absolutely enchanting as it compliments brown-eyed ladies who can either go for matte or shimmer variants by bringing out their hazel flecks and making them shine. However, matte remains to be the preferred option if you are going out in the morning or attending a corporate event. Brown eyeshadow can be used as a transition shade for being applied in the crease of your eye and followed up with an enigmatic dark green shade dabbed all over your eyelid. Next you need to apply some black eyeshadow on the outer corner of your eyes and finish it off like a boss with eyeliner and mascara.

* Grey eyeshadow can serve you best if you are on the lookout for a dark yet subtle shade. You can rock the look like an absolute diva by opting for a winged eyeliner or add to the drama by splashing some silver glitter under the eyeliner wing. This alluring eye makeup for brown eyes can be applied by using soft brown color as a transition shade in the crease and dabbing some grey eyeshadow on your eyes before blending it well.

Medium Brown Eyes

Metallic shades of gold and bronze, as well as violet, can aesthetically complement the medium brown eyes of ladies who wish to look bewitching at all times. While a purple eyeshadow palette can serve you well during daytime, you can experiment with your looks by pairing some metallic eyeliner with neutral shadow for a cheeky evening look.

easy makeup tips for brown eyes

* Gold eyeshadow can create an amazing contrast with medium brown eyes thus making the eye color pop out. For this beautiful eye makeup for brown eyes, you will have to apply some brown eyeshadow on the crease of your eyes by extending it up to the brow bone. This needs to be followed by a thorough blending and application of gold eyeshadow on the rest of the eyelid. You can apply some concealer at the crease with the help of a clean liner brush and try to keep the line as defined as possible. The look can be finished off with some generous coats of mascara.

* Violet eyeshadow can be your color if you are going for a girls’ night out or attending any special occasions such as a wedding. This shade can make the light brown flecks stand out which is bound to guarantee a bewitching look. A soft brown shade having pink undertone can be used as a transition shade and followed with some violet eyeshadow applied all over your eyelids which needs to be blended to perfection. Next you will have to apply some black eyeshadow at your lower lash line and outer eye corner for that smoky look.

makeup tips for brown eyes

* A discussion on eye makeup for brown eyes simply cannot come to a conclusion without talking about bronze eyeshadow which is known to enhance the lighter specks in your eyes. For nailing this look you need to first apply some brown eyeshadow in the brow bone and crease. This has to be followed up with dark brown shades in the outer corner of the crease for adding to the depth of your eyes. Finally, you will have to dab on some bronze eyeshadow on your eyelids and blend it to perfection.

Since dark colors tend to minimize the size of your eyes, it is always advisable to blend the same with some lighter hues to retain the brightness. Metallic shades can set up a striking contrast against brown eyes by making them glow. Neutral shades are also known to enhance the color of your eyes by imparting a sexy and effortless flair. Concealer can also be of great help if you wish to camouflage your under-eye circles and bring out the alluring brown tinge of your eye. Eye makeup for brown eyes also stands out with its versatility in pulling off a blueliner look as the blue shade complements the rich brown tones of your eyes for a velvety-smooth feel.

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