Natural Wedding Makeup Tips For The Minimalistic Millennial Bride To Be

Oct 08, 2018 by Nilesh Patel

Whether your wedding is going to happen next month or maybe a few years down the line, there is absolutely no harm in seeking out inspiration in regards to your big day. Afterall when all the flashbulbs are going to focus on your every move, you need to look drop dead gorgeous. Megan Markle recently stunned the public with her natural wedding makeup which had set her signature freckles in full display as she walked down the aisle in a dreamy white gown. Renowned makeup artist Daniel Martin was behind the creation of this barely-there look which retained the luminosity of her skin without going over-the-top with the makeup. Her eyes served as the focal point of attention and was given a subtle smoky effect to match up to her million-dollar smile which got accentuated with a tinted lip balm.

No-makeup look has evolved into a raging beauty trend which is being eagerly copied by modern day brides who wish to rock minimalism. If you are keen on sporting such a look on your big day while still taking the breath away of your beloved, then here are a few tips you need to incorporate in your makeup routine:

natural wedding makeup ideas

It is extremely important to have hydrated and clean skin prior to applying makeup. For this you can cleanse your face by massaging it thoroughly using your fingertips. This can be of great help in plumping up your face and getting the blood flowing for that rosy glow.

Application of a good primer becomes an absolute must if you wish for your makeup to last all day. ‘Long wear’, ‘long-lasting’ and ‘waterproof’ are some of the popular labels which brides bank on while getting ready for their big day. Afterall there is no point of nailing your natural wedding makeup look like a pro if it vanishes within just hours of the function.

natural bridal makeup tips

A foundation can help you blend away all signs of redness and imperfections while proceeding with the natural wedding makeup. However, you need to be cautious about not going overboard with application of the same. Light foundation, tinted moisturizer or even a CC cream can provide you with instant coverage while correcting your skin tone.

Just like your face, it also becomes imperative to use an eye primer prior to starting with your eye makeup as that will buffer the eye shadow from sliding into the creases.

natural wedding makeup tips

You can opt for your regular wear foundation but need to give special attention to the blending part. A damp sponge can be used for nailing a much more sheer finish. You can procced with mattifying makeup if you wish to avoid excess shine which might get further accentuated under the flashbulbs.

Coming to eyeshadow, it is always advisable to stick to neutral tones for your natural wedding makeup and add a subtle hint of black or brown liner to the upper lash line for that extra definition. You can even coat your lashes with generous layering of mascara or maybe even try out false lashes for that dramatic look. If you do not have any prior experience pertaining to false eyelashes, then it is advisable to try out the same a few days prior to your wedding. Having a trial period beforehand can significantly reduce your amount of stress on the D-day.

tips for natural wedding makeup

It is imperative to opt for pink and peach blush tones if you wish to nail the natural wedding makeup in an effortless fashion. Excess contouring is a strict no-no if you wish to keep it simple as it might give away your makeup tricks under broad daylight. You can however highlight the middle of your nose and top of your cheekbones for that dewy glow.

The color of your lips need to be kept as much close to your natural lip tone as possible. Go for a lip stain or lip liner to fill in your lips and follow it up with satin or matte finish lipstick in nude color shades. This can help the color in lasting for long even if you get into some serious action with your beloved.

Matte-powder can be used for setting your makeup. You can also use fixing spray for keeping it looking fresh and radiant round the clock. You can even add a dash of shimmer on your arms and shoulder to complete your regal look like a complete princess.

Every bride wishes to look like the most gorgeous version of themselves as they walk down the aisle. Gone are the days when brides were expected to wear cakey makeup just because they were the center point of attraction. Modern day ladies are going ahead with minimal makeup to radiate their true glamour under the camera flashbulbs.