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Egyptian Eye Makeup

Centuries have passed since the mighty Egyptian civilization has fallen from its epitome of flamboyance. But it still has retained a poignant place in our heart especially because of the jaw-dropping makeup pioneered by Queen Cleopatra which will go down in history as one of the most empowering and sensual look of all times.

Coming back to modern times, Egyptian makeup has evolved into a top favourite of people participating in fantasy makeup looks during Halloween and fashion shows. The extraordinary Egyptian makeup serves as the perfect confluence of opulence, beauty and power which gets portrayed clearly from the graphic designing of the extremely intricate Egyptian Eye Makeup.

Interesting Facts About Egyptian Eye Makeup

Ancient Egyptians held the belief that makeup can bring upon medical and cosmetic cures like none other. Irrespective of gender or class, the ancient Egyptians felt it was imperative to wear makeup. They treated their face as extremely personal and sacred which no one else was allowed to touch.

This was the biggest reason behind their fascination towards makeup which acted more like a superficial mask protecting the skin. Cleopatra arrived in the scene by vehemently protesting against the patriarchal society and making the whole world sit up and take notice of her extravagant makeup.

How To Do A Egyptian Eye Makeup

Egyptian Eye Makeup has been designed in line with feline eye which was considered to be extremely scared amongst the ancient Egyptian population. Mesdemet or Kohl was used for lining the eyes and were revealed to bring along potent health benefits in the form of protection from disease, bugs and sun rays. The focal point of this striking makeup was the creation of the winged tailed eyeliners. While some where flat tapered, some were pointed ending in a striking and dramatic effect with the dark kohl paints extending up to the temples alongside the eyebrows. Nonetheless, the focus of this form of makeup was the eye which required extreme precision and practice before coming out with the perfect result.

Setting The Stage For Egyptian Eye Makeup

Dusky skin tone serves as the perfect base for realistic makeup much like the perky Egyptian ladies. If you are naturally blessed with sensuous dark skin, then you can easily carry ahead the makeup with precision. Alternatively, you can opt for a foundation which is one shade darker than your skin and apply the same liberally all over your neck, face and other exposed areas. Although you can take your pick from any of the brands available, it is advisable to go ahead with an oil based foundation to create that dewy finish.

The Egyptian Eye Makeup

The second step in creating a ploughing field for your Egyptian eye makeup is to powder the whole face apart from the eyes and follow it up with a contour powder for achieving those sculpted features much like the ethereal queen. You can make use of a shimmering bronzing powder for highlighting your jaw line, bridge of your nose and cheekbones. Egyptian divas used to redden their cheeks using a heavily pigmented clay containing mineral oxides. You can take a cue from their look book and tint your cheeks using deeper shades of brown, red or copper. Coming to the lips, it is best to seal the look using a dark shade of red. You can also pad some shimmery gold pigments on the centre of the bottom lip for that mysterious look.

Main Field of Action

Now that you are done with the base makeup, it is time to showcase your Egyptian eye makeup skills. Today we shall discuss about two different ways of getting the same done:

First Method

  • Use an eyeliner of your choice or kohl pencil for outlining the eye. You can drag the wing horizontally after using the same eyeliner for darkening your eyebrows which can also act as a guide for the winged eyeliner shape. Defining the eyebrows form an extremely crucial part of your makeup drill but is usually neglected. But you need to remember that for getting the Egyptian eye makeup right, you need to pay equal attention to both your eyes and eyebrows since one won’t look good unless the other is done properly.

Ancient Egyptian Eye Makeup

  • After lining your eyebrows, drag its tails horizontally towards your temples using the eyeliner. Try to achieve a shape which tapers gradually towards the outer part of your eyebrows and finish it off with a rectangular end.

How To Apply Egyptian Eye Makeup

  • You need to drag your eyeliner brush or pencil towards your eye from the outer corner once you develop a clear idea of where the eyeliner wing needs to end. The two lines however should remain parallel to each other. The shape of your eyeliner wing should be similar to the tapered and rectangular look of your eyebrows.
  • Use a kohl eye pencil for contouring the inner rims of your eyes and make use of dark emerald green eyeshadow having a shimmery tint for filling in the gap between your eyebrow and eye line. While applying the eyeshadow, start out from the inner corner of your eye and extend up to the outside winged eyeliner shape.

Egyptian Eye Makeup Tips

  • For completing your Egyptian eye makeup, apply generous coats of mascara on the top and bottom lashes and the final representation in the mirror is bound to spellbound you as you transform into a regal beauty of mediaeval Egypt.

Second Method:

This is a much more feminine take on the celebrated Egyptian eye makeup which combines the likes of an elegant eyebrow shape, thinner and graceful eyeliner’s wing and elaborate eyeshadow scheme.

  • Use a kohl pencil or black eyeliner for contouring the eye by dragging a sharp and thin wing horizontally.
  • Use the same black eyeliner for filling in your brows by adhering to the natural brow shape. Drag its tail to a thin and sharp wing corresponding to the eyeliner.
  • Fill in your eyelid using a darker shade of shimmery blue hue by moving the brush from inside the corner of your eye to its outside wing. Apply shimmery gold eyeshadow on the brow bone and blend the edges.

Egyptian Eye Makeup

  • Apply some dark emerald green shadow with shimmery tint under the eye and highlight the entire area under the eyeliner wing.
  • Dab some black kohl on the inner rims of your eyes and complete the look by brushing some generous amount of mascara on your eyelashes for channelling out your inner Cleopatra.

Bottom Line

The Ancient Egyptian eye makeup keeps on inspiring makeup artists around the world even during modern times. So, whether you wish to head out with friends for a fun night out or dress up at a pyjama party, the Egyptian feline look is bound to win you brownie points time and again.

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