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Beautiful Face Beauty Tips

Women generally have a love/hate relationship with the foundation. Love because it helps in giving an even tone and blemish-free skin. Hate because even after spending time and money on the foundation, it seems as if nothing has been done at all. But it is also true that women feel that they know how to use foundation but actually, not everyone knows that. If you want to get the benefit of applying foundation and need to know the right way of doing so, you are at the right place. Read the article to know about it and get some sunshine for your beautiful face.

1. Preparing the skin

Skin cleansing and preparation is the most important step as the foundation works best in smooth and clean skin.

* Cleansing the skin helps to prevent clogged pores and remove any type of dirt before applying foundation to get the best effect.

Tips To Have A Beautiful Face Skin

* Moisturize the skin by massaging as it helps the foundation to penetrate deeper and better.

2. Application of Primer

Primer helps the foundation to last longer and makes the application process smoother. You can choose the primer depending on your skin type.

* Oily skin: Gel or water-based primer (oil-free), 2 in 1 primer plus mattifier.

* Dry skin: Cream-based primer (oil-based).

3. Choosing the right foundation and applying it

Always apply the foundation from the centre and move outwards and apply it by tapping and not by rubbing.

** There are different types of foundation available and you should choose the one that suits you. Following are the types of foundations available and the ways to apply them:

** Liquid foundation: This is generally good for all types of skin.

* Dot it all over the face and then use a foundation brush or your fingers to blend it nicely starting from the centre and moving outwards. You can even use a slightly wet sponge for this purpose.

** Powder foundation: This is good for oily skin and is easy to use but offers the least coverage and requires to be built slowly for coverage purposes.

** Cushion Foundation: This is generally good for all types of skin like liquid foundation. It is similar to powder foundation but has a cream to liquid consistency and provides more coverage.

** Cream or the stick foundation: This is suitable for dry and oily skin.

Beautiful Face Tips At Home

* Simply run the stick all over the face and blend it using a brush in the direction of facial hair which will make it look natural.

* Apply loose powder to set it for a longer time.

** You can even use the 3-swipe test if you are confused about the foundation to buy. Simply apply the 3 shades together along the jawline and choose the one which blends naturally with your skin tone.

** Another way to choose the foundation is depending on the type of coverage that you need- sheer, medium or full.

Applying Foundation

4. The right brush

Duo fibre synthetic brush is the best for this purpose but you can opt for a flat or a fluffy brush or even a sponge. Just make sure to blend the face, ears, eyelids, and neck alike. To get natural and a fresh look, you can also dampen the brush with hydrating mist before applying the foundation.

Applying Foundation

5. Add-ons

Once this is done, apply a light eyeshadow, eyeliner, and a lipstick. While applying the eyeshadow be careful that you do not spoil the applied foundation. You can use a tissue to protect the makeup done or simply follow the thumb rule which says to do the eye makeup first and then put on the foundation to avoid any last-minute hassles and disappointments.

Applying Foundation

So, now you are all set to get flawless and clear skin with the help of the magical skin-coloured makeup product i.e. the foundation. Just know your skin type and the tone, use it the way it has been told above and there you have the flawless look to flaunt around. There you are all set to head out for your awaited shopping day or the dinner date!

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