Applying Makeup Has Never Been Easier!

Jan 23, 2018 by Herry Chaudhari

You’re not alone in staring at those girls who do their makeup with the utmost finesse whereas your face after a makeup session resembles a train-wreck. Sorrows of chaotic and failed makeup sessions are over for you as you’ll learn how to do it like a pro with the help of this article.

Applying Makeup – Never an Easy Task!

Eye makeup hacks.

Here are few ways that will save you from the pressure of applying the perfect eye makeup.

  1. If you have an eye pencil that doesn’t help you draw swift lines then use it as a liner. Change the consistency of it by holding it in front of a flame. It will work amazing as a liner.
  2. To make your eyes look more noticeable apply white liner. When you do this your neutral shade of eye color will look great and more noticeable.
  3. The trick to a perfect cat eye is to first draw the protruded part. Use a spoon. Place its stem right at the place from where you can draw a straight line now turn it over and place it over your eyelid and now with the help of the round side of the spoon draw the perfect shape of the cat eye.
  4. To give your mascara the volume,use the spoon again. You can avoid mascara marks when you use the spoon above your eyelashes.
  5. If you want some more volume then go for easily available fake eyelashes.
  6. You can even apply some powder. Take a brush and dust your eyelashes with some face powder. It’ll make it look thicker.
  7. Another trick is to use your hairdryer to dry up your curler and then using it on your eyelashes.
  8. You want that Smokey eye but can’t get a hold on how to do it then this is how. Draw a hashtag at the corner of your eye with an eye pencil and smudge it properly with the other end that has a sponge on it
  9. To make sure your eye shadow doesn’t fade away use some setting spray on the eyeshadow and then apply it.
  10. Always apply a neutral or base tone of eyeshadow all over your kid before you touch the darker shades.
  11. Before applying any makeup on your eyes make sure you apply some primer to it. This will help you to enjoy smudge and fade free makeup.
  12. For the perfect eyebrows. Draw a line right underneath your brow and right above it with an eye pencil and then merge it well.

Face Makeup

  • As makeup goes on your skin you must make sure they don’t cause you any itchiness or allergies.
  • Always buy best quality makeup for obvious reasons.
  • Before buying any makeup test it on a small portion of your skin.
  • You can’t forget to remove your makeup before you sleep. Never apply makeup on a face that isn’t devoid of its last night makeup. 
  • Always have a multitask brush, beauty blender, contour brush, angled brow brush. Having a lot of brushes is extremely expensive and complicated. Buy these essentials for your daily needs.
  • Spend some money on a spray that will keep your makeup intact and give you that dewy look.
  • Never use brushes that are not cleaned after being used.
  • Always mix your daily moisturizer or sunscreen(if you’re going out during the day) with your concealer.
  • To hide your patches and puffy eyes apply concealer underneath your eyes and mix it well.

Tricks for your lips.Tricks for your lips.

For that perfect sexy and sensuous lips follow these steps.

Applying Makeup Natural Look
  1. Running to the washroom every few minutes to re-apply your lipstick is too hectic. Apply your lipstick and then dab it with a tissue. Use a clean brush and apply some powder on it. Not only will this trick save you the visits to the ladies room but also give texture to your favorite shade.
  2. Use the same shade of lipstick and lipliner.
  3. Apply your lipstick first and then use your liner and merge well.
  4. For a perfect pout use your lipliner and make a cross on the bow part of your lip. Now apply the same shade of lipstick and the magic will be done.
  5. If you’ve a favorite shade of eyeshadow and you want it on your lips then do this. Mix the shade of eyeshadow with some petroleum jelly and apply it on your lips with a brush.
  6. When you want to have that perfect pouty lips then all you have to do is apply a darker shade of the lipstick you have applied. Now apply white eyeshadow on the center of your lips and merge it well. You’ll see the change in your lips.
Applying Natural Makeup Tips

These easy ways will make sure you pack that look you’ve been dying for so long. Enjoy your new and beautiful look.