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Beauty En Trends

Gone are the days of using traditional techniques for doing everything. Whatever becomes the trend becomes the new technique. The make-up trend is no exception. In today’s time, makeup techniques and trends are also changing drastically and very fast. Let us look at some of the trends which have come up and get updated to try the same in our make-up routine.

Beauty Twisting Trends

Read the article to brush up your skills with these twisting trends which will be seen everywhere!!!

Beauty Twisting Trends

1. All Black!

You can call it dramatic but yes, it is true. Black eyeliner is the new trend of more than just a single thin line above the lashes. People are using it above and below the lash lines and extending to make beautiful and creative graphical designs.

2. Glittery stuff

Sequins, gems, and rhinestones are the new style statement that is to be stuck near the eyelids with lash glue. It requires a little patience but yes, it is definitely worth it.

3. Golden all around

It is the golden highlighter that can be seen not only as an eyeshadow, on the brow bone or on the cheekbone but all over the face and gives a metallic gold look and a healthy glow finish on the skin is what enhances the skin too!

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4. Metallic is forever it seems

A subtle metallic makeup continues to be in trend may it be the shimmer on the face or on the lipstick or the glittery and the gold lipstick or lip gloss.

5. About the lashes

Thick lashes are on the trend and simply requires multiple quotes of mascara to give it a thick look with its multiple layers or an extra pair of lashes to place on the original ones. So, do not worry even if you have shorter or fewer lashes, try this and you are good to go!

6. Oils are not only for hair anymore

Gone are the days when people were resistant to using oil even on hair. These days oil is not only used to get smooth and shiny hair but is also used for the face and body and is included in most beauty products. Beauty oils are the new thing!

Beauty Twisting Trends

7. Extra Glow

It is the next level of golden highlighter. It is believed that the glower, the better. This sparkly effect is due to the holographic violet pigment and gives the face youthful radiance.

8. New for the eyes

* Cat eye might just go: Rounding off the edge instead of that old cat-eye sharp wing is making its place in the eye makeup area. A sponge applicator can be used for this purpose.

Beauty Twisting Trends

* Bright look for the eyes is the new trend. Using bright and vibrant color for the eyeshadows and liner is what is seen around. Yellow, blue, orange, you name the color and it will be seen. Do not get surprised if you see someone with rainbow lids on a night out party!! Bright eyeshadow palettes should be on your next shopping list. Neutral lip color goes best with bright or blue colored eye make-up.

* Highlighting the inner corners of the eyes with eyeliner instead of the outer normal liner makes the eyes appear larger and more pop out. White, silver or a shimmery color can be used to get an enhanced effect.

* Leaving the inside of the wing of the cat-eye unfilled is what creates the concept of negative space and gives a new and a cooler look to your eyes.

Beauty Twisting Trends

9. Welcome the lip stains

It is time to say goodbye to the matte lipsticks which have been in use for a long and try the new lip stains which, unlike the lip gloss or lipsticks, stay longer. Crazy lip colors will be seen all around.

From skincare using snake’s mucus to rose gold bold lipstick to wine-coloured hair are some of the latest trends. Stay updated with the trends mentioned above, try them on and get ready to embrace beauty with the twisting makeup tricks and give yourself an awesome look daily!!!!

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