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Learn Makeup

No matter where you’re headed you need to look complete and confident. Your sophisticated outfit, funky shoes and accessories won’t help you create the statement you wanna create. Know all about adding the finishing touches to your look. You can look picture perfect with the perfect blend of makeup if you follow the tips listed below!

The Genie.

Foundation works as a magic trick on your skin. Everyone suffers the pangs of acne marks and blemishes. So, before you head out make sure you conceal them.

The kind of foundation you need for your skin.

How To Learn A Makeup
  • You must know the tone of your skin before opting for any foundation.
  • You can know your skin tone by applying a small portion of a foundation on your hand and wait to see whether it blends in.
  • The foundation should be light, it should be water resistant and free from oils.

The steps to apply them on your skin.

  • Wash your face with a mild facewash and exfoliate your skin.
  • Apply moisturizer to your skin after patting it dry this will help the foundation to blend in better.
  • Apply the foundation on your face and neck.
  • Blend it properly and leave it for 15 minutes.
Learn Makeup For Beginners

The door to your soul.

The best way to enhance the beauty of your face is to make sure your eyes speak a thousand words with makeup. Agreed. Eye makeup is a bit too tricky and needs a bit of patience and skill to do it but you can give it a try.

The Eyeliner.

Don’t be amazed to learn that there is more than one way to apply eyeliner. Yes, make your eyes look beautiful with these techniques.

The cat-eye style.

  1. You need a stable base to apply eyeliner without wrecking it. Use your hand and rest it on that side of the face where you’ll be applying the liner.
  2. Start from one corner of your eye to the other end in one swift and easy motion. Go from inward to outward eye.
  3. Now for the cat eye effect make sure you extend the liner further than the length of your natural line of eyes.

The Retro Style.

  1.  Apply kohl or liner on the lower lid of the eye and extend it outward.
  2. Apply eye liner on your upper eyelid as taught to you in the cat eye style.
  3. Now for the retro effect you have to join both the extended ends from the upper and the lower eyelid.

The Double-Effect.

  1. Apply eyeliner on your upper lid just like the cat style.
  2. Apply kohl or liner on your lower lid and extend that as well.
  3. Now for this effect you’ll have to make sure both the lines are parallel to each other.
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The Eyeshadow.

Add some shade to your eyes for the playful,sexy and glamorous look you need. Learn how easily you can save all your time and apply it.

The much-needed drama for your eyes steps by step.

  1. Take the brown shade of eyeshadow on a brush from your eyeshadow kit.
  2. Dust it well so that there isn’t any excessive powder on it.
  3. Apply it on your eyes.
  4. Follow the same procedure and apply the champagne shade( for casual and formal look) right under your brows.
  5. You’ll need a blending brush to merge the colours.
  6. For the oomph factor apply brown kajal on your upper eyelid.
  7. Smudge it with the help of your fingertips.
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Use some mascara to add length and drama to your eyes.

Pout a little more.

The sensuous pathway to heaven is your lips. You can pull off any outfit with the right shade of coat on your lips.

Learn Makeup Basics

The steps to those sexy, beautiful lips.

  • The first step is that your lipstick and lipliner should be of the same shade.
  • Remember the key that your lipstick should be applied first and then comes the turn of your liner. The reason behind this is you’ll understand the areas of your lips that really need the liner also the fact that when your lipstick has faded away, so will your liner and it will spare you the embarrassment.
  • Don’t confuse lipsticks with lipliners. You’re not supposed to color your lips with the lipliners. Don’t create artificial lips with them by reducing or increasing the size of your lips. Just use them to make the outline of your lip prominent.
  • Use your finger tip to smudge your lipliner and merge it with the lipstick.
  • To avoid lipstick stains on your teeth put a finger in-between your lips. Close your mouth and apply the lipstick. Pull your finger out once you’re done.
  • No matter what promises the lipstick bands make to us, they do fade away after a while and it is very hectic to reapply them over and over again. To avoid this. Apply your lipstick and dab it with a tissue. Now apply some powder and dust it off. Reapply your lipstick. This trick will help you keep the lipstick on your lips longer.
  • To make your lips look thinner apply dark or matte shades. To make your lips look fuller apply lighter shades or gloss and shimmer.

You need to learn all about makeup before you create a blunder. Here are a few easy ways to learn the basic things about your daily makeup.

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