How To Use A Makeup Stash For A Perfect Evening With Friends

Jan 24, 2018 by Dal Uplana

Nobody would love the idea of looking at the same old self in front of friends you are meeting after a long time, and nobody would like to look worse in front of a bunch of friends you are meeting for a night out even if you guys see each other every day. Evening outing is a fashionable affair, so you need to look your better self no matter how you feel inside or how your face has grown dark circles, after all, we women follow the trend of “No matter how you feel, get up, dress up, show up.”

Evening Makeup How To

This is the reason why we have magical stuff to modify and define our look anytime and that is Makeup. All you need to know, which and how makeup stuff to use for an outfit and how to use the same.

Evening Makeup always calls for more but even that more needs to be utilized in the right manner so that when your outing is coming to an end your face doesn’t fall short of the glamour you held from the very beginning, as that somewhere lowers the confidence.

Different type of Makeup Looks for an Evening Outing

During the daytime, one can apply lighter shades of makeup whether it is lipstick, liner or anything but during the evening time your makeup has to be dark, bright and it has to shine. Mentioned below are evening makeup looks that are just for Evening Outings, and are a must-try for women with pretty faces.

Evening Makeup Look

For everything that has Glitter:

If you are hanging out at a nightclub or café or restaurant that is semi lighted then always choose to add some sparkle to your makeup because at a place that is dim, your shining appearance will add some glam to the party and you will never go unnoticed. To get that look you need to apply the makeup in the same way you do, but glitter just one thing, let your eyes do the talking.

After you have applied a nude shade of shadow on your lids, coat a gel liner then swipe a glittery liner by the corners and use a brush to pat some sparkling dust over your lids. That’s how you create a glittery look that looks glamorous too.

Go Bold, Go Red:

Red is the color of boldness and what could be much better than turning all bold over a bright and attractive color like red for an evening outing. Not just your dress, but your lips too will make the move of gathering attention. This one is especially for women who are not that much fond of giving much time to makeup. Because to create this look one doesn’t need to do much, just do very light contouring and same applies for the eyes, even if you don’t, just don’t forget to add a thick coat of liner and mascara, finally choose and wear a matte red lipstick, use a nude lip liner to further define it and to fill in the gaps. That’s it and you are ready to make a mark.

Things to keep in mind before you plan an evening outing

First of all, never hurry up while choosing the outfit, as only then you will be able to decide the type of evening makeup you need to apply, for example, if your outfit is kind of simple then your evening makeup has to be a little vibrant, if your outfit is glam then your evening makeup has to be glittery and glamorous. In case you want to have added that oomph factor to your face, wear waterproof glitter long lasting lipsticks.

Evening Makeup Looks

Always choose makeup products that are waterproof as well as long lasting, because while you are partying hard you will not like your liner getting smudged out of sweat or anything as such. Every woman loves to look good even at the end of a party just the way she entered in.

Evening Makeup Step By Step

Nobody has a face that is flawless, some have dark circles, and some have pimples or acne marks or so on. So, this is where the art is, you have to be expert enough to use the right makeup products in the right order to hide away everything and to look flawless like never before as Makeup has this magic.

I hope you loved these evening makeup tips and you’ll tell your friends or others who love to go to hang out with friends or party in the evening time.  Get more ideas here.

Have you any evening makeup ideas? Please share them in the comments below.