How To Apply Color Correction – Make Up Tips!

Oct 14, 2017 by Hansy shah

All around the world women tend to use makeup to look beautiful. Using makeup enhances the beauty of a person and makes them more presentable to the society. The use of makeup goes way back to the Egyptian makeup history when Cleopatra used natural ingredients to make makeup.

Women usually wear makeup and there is a series of makeup available in the market starting from foundation, concealer, highlighter, eye and lip makeup. One of the makeup product which is not used on a regular basis is color correcting. But if someone follows any makeup artist or goes through various beauty magazines, the use of color correcting can be seen and its method of application. The technique is used mainly by makeup artist to hide the flaws in the face but with the help of the digital world, the use of color correcting makeup is widely used by everyone.

Makeup Color Correction

Important issues

Makeup companies nowadays provide a different palette of color correcting makeup but it is mainly found in the concealer palette. To know which color to apply a little guide is provided with the help of a color wheel. Color correcting makeup comes in 5 different shade such as green, orange, pink, yellow and purple.

Green: In the color wheel green lies opposite to red. With the help of the green concealer, various skin problem such as; the pimple, acne or rosacea can be hidden which causes redness of the skin and one can achieve an even base to apply foundation.

Pink: The pink concealer is mainly used by people who have a lighter skin tone. As in the color wheel pink lies opposite to blue, green and purple, it can be used to hide the dark circles.

How To Choose A Makeup Color

Orange: This concealer is made for people having a darker skin tone. Orange lies opposite to blue in the wheel. Dark circles often look blue in color on than who have dark skin tone. Orange concealer can be used to get rid of the dark circles and give an even undertone.

Purple: Some people have a yellowish skin tone. Mostly people who are fair have a warm tone, which makes them look yellow. For these people, it is suggested to use a purple primer all over the face or in yellow spots.

Makeup Color Correction Guide

Yellow: As yellow lies, opposite to purple it can be used to hide some of the major aging problems. When people start to age their bruises, veins and under eye circles become much more prominent. To hide these purple blemishes the yellow concealer should be applied.

Makeup Color Corrector

Other issues

Some of the other issues which should be kept in mind while applying color correcting concealer are:

1. It is quite simple to apply a thin layer of the product to help it blend more easily with the help of a foundation.

2. One should always use a beauty blender to blend the product as brushes are not suitable and will move the pigment all over the face.

3. When choosing the hues, one should be very careful. If orange concealer is applied on lighter skin tone it will not be very effective in reducing the blemishes.

4. It is not necessary to use color correcting in every corner of the face. One can apply a regular concealer to hide small blemishes.

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