The Top 8 Picks For Nail Art Designs In Trend

Oct 14, 2017 by Hansy shah

If you are a true fashion makeup aficionado, you’ll probably be aware of the importance of trying out new trends. Trends are not exactly formed overnight, it’s not about what women like you and me prefer. It’s all about what the celebrities, the beauty experts, and biggies of the fashion industry fancy. Your hair and face always remains the focus of attention, but what about your nails? After all isn’t it the last frontier of expressing your taste, for showcasing the latest trends in town? If you are an avid reader of fashion magazines or a simple style aficionado, you will know that nail art designs are here to stay.

Nail Art Designs At Home

Over the past decade, several new brands, tricks and tools have been invented to make it easier for people to exude confidence and style. There are endless possibilities of getting creative with nail designs. It’s no longer a luxury for women in the fashion industry, it’s for everyone. Each and every woman deserves to have beautiful nails, and make it appear trendier within trendy nail art designs. The trend is huge enough to create an entire new career, of nail art designers who specialize in handling women’s nails and converting simple nails into true masterpieces. Trends keep changing; you need to know about the latest nail art designs in fashion for appearing as a true fashion biggie.

Nail Art Designs Easy

How many times have you come across the phrase ‘less is more’? Minimalistic is in, and it’s also the same for nail art designs in trend 2017. Dramatic nails are not the best option if you’re an office worker or even a college student. Gaudy colors and professionalism are not two synonymous terms, and if you have an office to go to it would be best to opt for minimalist designs with a twist. Play out with the negative spaces on your nails; create beautiful yet subtle designs that appear stylish.

For any minimalist design, the base color of your manicure should always be nude. That’s the beauty of it. Creating subtle designs with white shade on a nude base is the new type of French manicure that’s in. Csreating abstract and geometric designs with white colors appear strikingly beautiful and bang on trend.

Nail Art Designs

What if your nail became your personal mirror? No, you don’t have to attach glass pieces on your nails. Women are going wild over this latest nail art designs in both Pinterest and Instagram. The mirror nail polish is a latest addition to the list of timeless beauty products, and this particular one is something that you must try. It offers a striking metallic look, makes your nails appear as silver statements. What’s the best part of this new trend? You don’t even have to visit a nail salon, how amazing is that? All you need to do is purchase a long lasting base nail polish color, and the reflective metallic shiny polish. You have to smother your nails with the base polish followed with dual coat application of the amazing reflective silver topcoat. Result? Try it and you’ll know.

Have you come across the term 3D charms? If not rush to the nearest salon and you’ll be simply awed by it. A striking base color with the addition of a sparkling something makes nails look drop gorgeous. Your nails will be decorated with 3D embellishments in the form of crystals or small stones. What’s the rule to achieving the perfect 3d charm? Always select a striking base color, like a wine red, sky blue, and stick to matte shades. Matte shades create the perfect contrast and enhances the bling on your nails.

Nail Art Designs With Lines

Holographic polishes are in, and according to few beauty cosmetic brands this trend will become an ultimate show stopper in a few months. Are you in need of a pro tip? Opt for a metallic color that will enhance the nail art design and will make it appear even more cool and dynamic. Bring out the punk in you with Barbie pink flames nail design that so in trend these days. It’s a monochromatic flame manicure, with Barbie pink color. This new mani style simply redefines the definition of color on color, go get your mono Barbie nail art designs.

Pink is slowly becoming the new black at least in the world of new art designs, and pastel on the pink is the hot favorite amongst nail designers. This new manicure style has taken pink nails to new dimension of cuteness. It’s all about contrasting the Barbie pink shade with a striking shade of metallic silver. Creating geometric lines on single tone pink nails is all that you need for becoming a top nail art aficionado. Another nail art design that is creating quite a stir in the fashion industry is the dual toned blue nail art designs.

I hope you loved these nail art designs concept and you’ll tell your friends or others who love to have a beautiful nails.  Get more ideas here.

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