Achieve Crowning Glory With A Simple Daily Regime

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Beautiful Hair

Are you tired of just admiring and appreciating beautiful luscious locks? Do you wish to have those gorgeous tresses which will help make an impression on the guys and make other girls jealous? Well, it’s time that you turn away from those price treatments that burn a hole in your pocket, and treat you strands naturally at home.

Change your daily habits and simply witness the difference in the health of your Hair Strands. Even the top stylists that help the celebs in making their hair look gorgeous admit that it is the small daily habits that make the big difference.

Cut down the heat application

Beautiful Hair And Makeup

The trend of Styling Hair using heat based tools and equipments have been extremely popular since the early 80’s. While it is the truth that sometimes we cannot completely stop using straighteners, rollers, wands, flat irons and dryers for setting our hair, minimizing its application is fundamental. Not using any heat based equipment is always the best choice, but in case you have to use it for achieving a desired hair style opt for steam rollers. According to celebrity hair stylists, steam rollers are far gentler on hair strands and protect the hair from extreme heat damage.

A Beautiful Hairstyle

Stay clean for extra sheen

How about you start following the good old saying, ‘better keep yourself clean and bright’. Dermatologists around the world have proven that shampooing your hair less than twice a week helps dirt get deposited at the roots of the hair strands. Washing the hair frequently and using quality products can benefit in maintaining the health of your hair. It helps in providing great moisture, reduces split ends, and make the hair look shiny and clean. Instead of using chemically treated shampoos and conditioners start using herbal based products formulated with natural ingredients.

Beautiful Hair

Good old tradition

It is part of ancient Indian tradition propounded by Ayurveda that oiling of hair was essential to achieving a healthy crown. This tradition was not just limited to India but most parts of South East Asia with a similar belief. The tropical climate somehow assisted the oiled hair to impart not just a beautiful lustrous sheen but created very good volume and promoted growth. This tradition even survives to this day in most parts of Asia.

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It is presumed, that if women in other parts of the world emulated a similar daily regime, would greatly benefit from a head full of healthy hair. We all know that healthy hair usually results in a much lower maintenance requirement thereby saving money. When it comes to choosing a good hair oil variant know that there are many variants to choose from such as coconut, sesame, Moroccan, argan, are some of the top choices for the job.

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