How To Apply Concealer – A Step By Step Guide

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How To Apply Concealer

We all know that foundation works great in even out the skin tone, but sometimes just applying foundation is not enough. Like if you want to hide dark spots, acne, pimples and dark circles, you need something additional that works better than foundation. Here comes the concealer which is considered as the best product to conceal any kind of skin issue on the face.

It is a great tool to apply on some key areas of your face where you want to improve the look of your skin instantly. Also, it works effectively and is a highly beneficial step if you want to keep your makeup routine to minimal.

The way you use concealer is as important as choosing the right concealer based on your skin tone. No doubt, you can have the best makeup products in the world, but if you do not know how to apply them or mistakenly you have applied any product inaccurately, it may affect your overall makeup.

How to apply concealer

Believe us, if you know how to apply makeup correctly, you can impress others with your striking and gorgeous look. So, do you want to become the one with in-depth knowledge of applying concealer better than your friends? If yes, continue reading this guide.

Like all makeup products, concealer too requires some essential pointers to apply it perfectly and accurately to avoid any blunder. Moreover, concealer can also be used as your base like a foundation for your makeup. So, if you want to learn how to apply concealer like a pro, this step by step guide will help you in knowing everything about the right way to apply concealer.

How To Apply Concealer

Preparing your skin

The first step of applying makeup starts with prepping your skin. It includes cleansing, exfoliating and moisturizing your skin so that it can be prepared to apply makeup products that last for long hours on the face. After applying face cream, make sure to apply the right primer on the face and then move to the next step of your makeup.

Apply Concealer to hide dark spots

If you are struggling hard to get rid of dark circles under your eyes, concealer plays a great role in covering these unwanted circles. It is recommended to use a concealer which is lighter than your natural skin tone, but make sure it should not be more than two shades lighter than your original skin color.

How To Apply Concealer

The main purpose is to brighten the area which is darker than your natural skin tone, so tap the concealer under your eyes in the inverted triangles and blend them evenly. Here, you have to use a brush or beauty sponge for blending.

Apply Concealer to cover redness around the nose

Do you have redness or any skin discoloration around your nose? If yes, concealer helps in covering the uneven skin tone around the nose flawlessly. Simply take a small amount of concealer and blend it using the brush or sponge perfectly. Always keep it in mind that blending has its own significant role in the perfect makeup on the face.

Apply Concealer to hide dark spots and blemishes

Dark spots and blemishes are something that every woman wants to get rid of. But sometimes it is difficult to deal with such skin issues, so in such cases, makeup comes as a rescue solution to hide these unwanted dark spots, blemishes, and acne scars on the face.

How To Apply Concealer

Applying a lot of foundation is not a solution, concealing these areas is the best way while letting the rest of your skin to breathe and stay healthy. Simply take a concealer on a small brush and apply it directly on the spots which you want to conceal. Blend these spots evenly with the surrounding skin. If you have too many dark spots and uneven skin tone on your face, concealer works great in giving your skin an even tone with an attractive look.

Time to set your concealer

Once you are done with how to apply concealer on the required areas of your face, now it’s time to set your concealer to prevent it from budging. Take a little amount of powder on a sponge and tap it gently on the areas where you have applied concealer. To apply powder on the rest of your face, you can use a brush for it to have natural-looking and even finish overall your face.

Steps to apply Concealer as a Foundation

Many of you may be surprised to know that concealer can also be applied as a foundation, so if you have forgotten to carry your foundation or it has been finished, you need not worry at all. The concealer can be used as your makeup base and gives you the freedom to enjoy its versatility.

  • You can use either cream or liquid concealer as per your choice. Also, make sure to have one shade that matches your natural skin color and another one which will be used to brighten the dark spots, blemishes and dark circles on your face.
  • You must have a stippling brush to use concealer as a foundation because such kind of brushes does not pick a large amount of makeup product on it.
  • Take concealer on this brush and start applying it from the area under your areas to the rest of the face. Make sure to blend it thoroughly all over your face.
  • Once it is done, take a dusting powder using a brush and apply it on the areas to set the concealer which is now being used as a foundation.
  • As your base is ready for using other products on your face, so continue with them to finalize the makeup.


A concealer works effectively in easing your makeup routine. If you want to make your makeup simple, use concealer on the necessary areas and skin foundation completely.

Hope this guide of how to apply concealer will help a lot in getting the right technique of using concealer on your face. Read about the best concealers for all types of skin.

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