How To Apply Black Eye Makeup – Easy to Follow Guide

Sep 08, 2019 by Dal Uplana

Black eye makeup with black or dark eye shadows is preferred by many divas to give that sexy and mysterious look to their personality. Previously, many women strictly said no to black eye shadows, but with the change in the beauty and fashion desires, black eye makeup has marked its place these days, mostly for evening occasions. Black eye makeup has also come a long way with a twist in Halloween or costume party.

One thing you must always keep in mind is to use a black eye shadow with a matte effect or the one with no glitters. It is so because matte black eye makeup looks the best and adorable than something with glitters.

But, it does not mean that you have to keep your makeup completely matte, you can add loose glitters later for party eye makeup, but make sure not to use glitters on the base when you apply black shadow on your eyelids.

How To Apply Black Eye Makeup

If you want to try something new and coolest style makeover, but do not know how to make it, here you must go through step by step guide that will help you to get your desired look with great ease. Even if you know how to apply black eye makeup, still there are chances that you may get some more ideas for the flawless makeup for the next occasion.

No doubt black eye makeup provides you an opportunity to bring an impression of somewhat rock style, but it is more fashionable and graceful when you choose to combine it with some other colors. The choice is all yours.

Here, you will learn about applying completely black eye shadows for the perfect black eye makeup. To have a more fabulous, pretty and sexy look, you can add some shades of dark colors as per your choice.

Let’s start with this easy to follow guide for how to apply black eye makeup easily and perfectly without the help of an expert.

Apply primer on the eyelids

The very first and an important step of eye makeup are to use a primer to let your eye makeup lasts for more than 3-4 hours. If you are applying eye makeup for a shorter period of time and do not want to keep it for hours then you can skip this step.

How To Apply Black Eye Makeup

Apply foundation on eyelids and under the eyes

Now, apply foundation onto your eyelids as well as under the eyes to hide those unwanted dark circles. But, make sure to blend it well to avoid uneven skin texture on and around the eyes. 

Apply black eye shadow

Take your preferred black eye shadow and apply it gently and evenly onto your eyelid with the help of a brush which is used specifically for applying shadow. If you do not have a shadow applicator brush, you can use your last finger as well, as it perfectly blends the eye shadow. Among them, the brush gives much better blending results than a finger. So, try to get this brush before starting your eye makeup.

Use contrasting color

To give a flawless and gorgeous look to your eyes, it is recommended to use a contrasting color. This color works great in enhancing the overall look and effect of black shadow. If you are confused about what to use as the contrasting color, you can take any color that matches your dress or outfit. Like, you can use dark blue, green, purple, dark peach or anything which you think go perfect and blend easily with black shadow. Apply this color exactly on the center of the eyelids.

Re-apply black eyeshadow

Once you are done with applying the contrasting color of your choice, now re-apply your black eye shadow all over the eyelid. But make sure to blend it perfectly with a contrasting color. This step gives some glance of a contrasting color and peeps out of the black shadow.

Apply shimmer white shadow

After you have a ravishing blend of two dark eye shadows on the lids, now it’s time to enhance the look of the rest of the eye. Take shimmer white shadow and apply it from the crease to the brow bones and blend it with the shadow on the lids. But make sure not to spread black eye shadow above the eyelid. This shimmer white shadow works great in making your eyes more attractive and is perfect to apply for evening parties.

Extend black shadow upwards

Now, extend the black shadow on the lid upwards to the end of the eyebrows in the form to tail to have that additional effect of the eye makeup.

Use eyeliner and mascara

Once you are satisfied with the eyeshadow, next you have to focus on enhancing the overall look of your eyes which is incomplete without eyeliner and mascara. So, apply black eyeliner in a moderate to thick form to define your eyes. Also, do not forget to use mascara on your eyelashes to give a striking appeal to the eyes.

Curl your eyelashes

The guide to how to apply black eye makeup finishes with curling your eyelashes with a curler. This step is optional, but if you have an eyelash curler, uses it as the end step of your eye makeup.

Additional Tip

To give that glitter finish to your black eye makeup, you have to use loose glitter powder instead of eyeshadow with glitters. Simply get the glitter powder on a dry flat brush and pat off excess glitter from the brush. Now apply it on the eyelid with black shadow. Make sure not to use it on any area except on the lid.


Not to worry if you are applying black eye makeup for the first time, with the help of this guide for how to apply black eye makeup will definitely help you in getting the satisfying results.

So, if you are going for an evening party, try this makeup to impress others with your beautiful and striking eyes.

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