10 Best Foundation For Dry Skin

Feb 06, 2019 by Nilesh Patel

If you have dry skin, foundations play a great role in hiding the dry patches. They generally moisturize the dehydrated skin and help in dealing with that tightness and dullness in the skin.

If we talk about serum foundations, they work perfectly for all skin types, but more than that, they give excellent results in preventing and in dealing with the signs of dehydration.

The main purpose of applying foundation on dry skin is to provide the best coverage to those frustrated dry patches. Apart from this main benefit, the rightly chosen foundation also helps in softening the complexion and even skin tone.

We do not want to scare you, but it is a fact, that foundation can be the worst enemy of dry skin. This completely depends on you; do you want to make it your skin’s friend or enemy? The wrong formula can worsen your skin condition and can make it more dry and patchy.

We know many women take this situation like a ‘mission impossible’ when they do not find the right base to avoid flaky patches being looking cakey.

We understand the struggle and frustration you have to face when finding the best foundation for dry skin.

We would like to share the best full coverage foundation for dry skin, to help you to make the fear of right foundation a thing of the past.

Clarins Skin Illusion Natural Hydrating Foundation

This serum foundation with broad spectrum SPF 15 is formulated with pure plant oils and the right amount of pigments to give back the lost breathe to dry skin. It ensures to make your skin smooth, flawless and radiant.

It gives wonderful results for up to 12 hours and keeps your skin hydrated for 24 hours. It has a mixture of pink pearls and soft-focused powders which are enough to give immediate radiance to your skin.

Clarins Skin Illusion Natural Hydrating Foundation

For best results, it is recommended to apply it in the morning to cleanse and to moisturize the dry skin.

The best part, it is available in 22 shades so that you can select the best-suited shade as per your skin tone. Simply plop a little amount on the back of your hand and apply it on your face using a brush or a sponge or fingertips.

If you want something for a lightweight makeup to hide the dry patches, this natural hydrating foundation is the best foundation for dry skin that gives slightly more radiant in the finish.

L’Oréal Paris Infallible Pro Glow

If you want to give 24 hours hydrating glow finish to your dry skin, this Infallible pro glow foundation from L’Oréal Paris gives you a finish that lasts for an-all day.

Being suitable for normal to dry skin, it has a lightweight and creamy formula which makes it easy to blend and build a base to works perfectly in hiding imperfections for a clear complexion.

LOreal Paris Infallible Pro Glow

This foundation with broad spectrum with SPF 15 not only provides a base to make your skin moisturized and radiant but also keeps it protected from sun exposure. The main aim is to provide maximum comfort to the users all day long.

Apply it on cheeks, forehead and a chin and blend it with a brush or a sponge blender towards the out of the face. It even works excellently on extra dry skin, where it covers the areas to be concealed nicely without looking cakey.

To get healthy skin without feeling it heavy, you can think of this foundation for decent medium coverage.

Clinique BIY Blend It Yourself Pigment Drops

The cream provides the perfect solution to dry and dull skin depending on how many drops you have added for coverage. If you have more flaky and extra dry skin that needs more coverage and intensity to hide the dry patches, more drops are needed.

Not only dry skin, it is also perfect for all skin types to reduce pigmentation and to add radiance to dull skin.

Clinique BIY Blend It Yourself Pigment Drops

It can be added to moisturizer to create the sheer cover. For a matte finish, blend the drops with mattifying moisturizer, whereas for a dewy radiant finish, simply blend it with optical illuminating moisturizer.

As it does not contain parabens, phthalates, and fragrance, you will get wonderful skin with this highly effective best full coverage foundation for dry skin.

It provides you an easy and smooth way to apply makeup that actively improves your skin tone and texture without irritation and redness. You can confidently recommend this product to your friends and colleagues dealing with issues due to their dry skin.

MAC Studio Face and Body Foundation

The buildable and moisturizing properties of this MAC foundation makes it a perfect base to blend seamlessly in the skin. Also, it does not stick to the dry areas; in fact, you will observe a satin finish due to its lightweight water-based formula.

This foundation can be used on both face and body areas where you notice a need of something to blend to hide the dullness in the skin. It is available in more than 9 shades and allows you to select the one that best fits your skin tone.

MAC Studio Face and Body Foundation

It gives optimum outcome for up to 8 hours, which means your makeup go long for maximum time a day without distracting the skin texture. The oil controlling formula does not let your skin to look greasy and give a luminous finish with medium to full coverage to your dry skin.

It contains conditioning agents, antioxidants and emollients that help excellently to prevent your skin from dryness and cakey. It can also be used for other skin types all over the face and body.

Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum Foundation

If you are looking for light coverage gel foundation, Bourjois promises you to provide a radiant and dewy base with a natural-looking finish. It ensures to provide radiant complexion for up to 16 hours.

It is a perfect serum foundation with pump dispenser for all skin types, even for dry skin. It is highly capable to reduce signs of fatigue, dullness and even eliminates skin imperfections.

Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum Foundation

It is formulated with natural ingredients including vitamin-rich litchi, pomegranate and goji extracts that work excellently in reviving your skin complexion immediately you apply this foundation on your face. It also gives even and natural finish without leaving any masking effect.

Simply apply it on your face using fingers or a sponge and blend it outwards and upwards for a perfect finish while removing imperfections on the required areas.

Even if used one pump every day, it lasts for almost 4-5 months. Get healthy looking and glowing complexion with the best foundation for dry skin.

Chantecaille Future Skin Foundation

This foundation ensures to give clean makeup base because of its incredible moisturizing ability to benefit the dry skin. It is completely oil-free and rich in botanicals such as aloe, rosemary, green tea and other soothing ingredients that soothe and calm the skin.

If you have flaky skin, it gives relief to the skin irritation, thus enables you to use this foundation without any worry. The best benefit is that it does not stick onto dry patches and blend evenly in the skin.

Best Foundation For Dry Skin

It contains 60% charged water and seaweed extracts that make it a great choice for dry-sensitive skin type. The foundation is highly effective in providing moisture to the dry skin. As it contains botanicals, it also has a fresh herbal scent. Thus, provides freshness and natural look to the skin.

If you want something oil-free as your makeup base, you must consider this foundation for quenching the flaky and dull skin.

Tom Ford Traceless Foundation

The foundation has a lightweight formula that works perfectly in moisturizing and making a light makeup base when your skin is facing serious skin dehydration. It is highly effective for a medium coverage without making your skin cakey. It also helps in shielding your skin from sun damage with SPF 15.

Tom Ford traceless foundation has numerous hydrating ingredients and antioxidants that help in protecting the skin complexion along with providing the fresh and glowing finish. It also helps in keeping your skin stay hydrated for long hours, but little less as compared to some of the other foundations available in the market.

Tom Ford Traceless Foundation - Best Foundation For Dry Skin

But still, its benefits are enough to try it on your dry skin without clinging to any dry patches. You will observe a significant change in your skin, more bright, clear and balanced with this foundation.

It is available in 14 different shades that cover a range of skin tones, thus makes it easy to pick the one that best suits your skin tone.

100% Pure 2nd Skin Foundation

If you are the one who always prefers to use 100% cruelty-free and vegan skin care products, you must definitely give a try to this best foundation for dry skin.

It is formulated with various natural ingredients including Vitamin E, turmeric, calendula, and others to give perfect results on the dry and mature skin. It also holds anti-aging antioxidants and pure fruit pigments that provide wonderful buildable coverage by absorbing immediately into the skin like a serum.

100% Pure 2nd Skin Foundation - Best Foundation For Dry Skin

It softens your skin whilst providing a smooth and satin finish – like a second skin. It can be applied using a brush or a sponge for medium to full coverage. For better results on dry skin, it is recommended to apply it over 100% Pure Moisturizer.

It works as a nourishing foundation choice for all skin types. Also, you have 7 different shades options to choose from.

Give noticeable brighter and more youthful appearance to your skin using this best full coverage foundation for dry skin.

Bobbi Brown Moisture Rich Foundation

Along with delivering hydrated skin with a soft and beautiful finish, this foundation has a highly effective moisturizing formula with broad spectrum SPF 15. Thus, it works on covering the redness and even out skin tone, and gives clear and beautiful looking skin.

This moisture-rich foundation works effectively in minimizing the appearance of pores, and skin imperfections along with protecting it from harmful UV rays.

Bobbi Brown Moisture Rich Foundation - Best Foundation For Dry Skin

It is available in more than 25 shades, giving you a number of options to select the best-suited shade as per your skin tone. It provides undetectable light to medium coverage with the non-cakey look. It makes your skin look fresh and moisturized all through the day.

If you want a water-based oil-free foundation that goes perfectly on your tight and dull skin, you can think of using this foundation as the best foundation for dry skin.

Laura Geller Quench-N-Tint Hydrating Foundation

Looking for a foundation for your very dry skin? This foundation is something that ensures to providing natural coverage without looking cakey. Even if you have freckled and very sensitive skin, you must try this foundation that works deep inside the skin and leaves it hydrated.

It contains marine water droplets, color pigments and hyaluronic acid which are highly beneficial in lifting the complexion with dewy and young-looking color.

Laura Geller Quench-N-Tint Hydrating Foundation - Best Foundation For Dry Skin

It is very easy to apply and lasts for long hours. It gives lightweight coverage and you will feel like a refreshing splash of water. It makes your skin glow and dewy without looking made-up.

It also helps in plumping your wrinkles and fine lines and gives you a healthy looking skin. It is another wonderful foundation to hide the dry patches and pigmentation on your skin.


Now, you have the number of best foundation for dry skin that can be selected based on your skin tone, preferences, and budget. Make sure to pick the one to give the best companion to your dry skin.

We have included 10 foundations to help you to get flawless skin with a seamless finish.

At last, just want to advise you to apply foundation in downward or speckling motions in order to build medium or full coverage, especially on most dry areas.

Say ‘bye’ to flakiness and dullness by using the right foundation, and get naturally fresh and radiant skin.