Get Silky Hair Using Food Product!

Silky Hair looks great, doesn’t it? We all crave for silky and shiny hair but in the process of achieving that, we do a lot of injustice to our hair. Chemical products, shampoos, conditioners, hair spa and serums that contain harmful chemicals damage our hair to the core. What do we do about it? Nothing. […]

Silky Hair Tips

How To Use A Mascara To Enhance Your Makeup Effects

Ever wondered why people make eye contact while conversing? Ever come across the phrase ‘eyes are windows to the soul’? Well, believe it or not, a simple eye contact is enough to help initiate a proper conversation. Therefore, you definitely want your eyes to appear beautiful when speaking to someone, or making a teeny eye […]

Applying Mascara Perfectly

Ways Of Reducing Blackheads!

“What is that on your nose? Those dots? What are those?” have you ever come across such questions? If yes, then my dear friend, those black spots are blackheads. Blackheads generally show up when you don’t have a clear face. The skin pores get blocked as a result of which you get those blackheads, especially […]

Nose Blackheads Tips

How To Contour Your Face?

Since the ancient time, both men and women, around the globe, want to look beautiful as it reflects their personality. To look beautiful, they tend to use makeup made of natural or chemical elements. Some women are born with natural beauty and others use makeup to cover up flaws. Due to the advancement of technology, […]

Contour The Face With Makeup

Natural Remedies Be The Best

We grow up listening to our mothers throwing Beauty Tips all the time at us. Our grandmother’s and the elderly in the family always have something to suggest when it comes to getting rid of those ugly pimples or dandruff problems. Even though people hardly get time to try Natural Remedies at home now, they […]

Apply Eyeshadow Like A Pro