Look Immaculately Perfect On Your D Day With Few Simple Tips

Wedding is most certainly one of the most auspicious events in one’s life, and the day should be nothing less than ‘perfection’. A perfect wedding day is what every bride dreams of. With all the fuss going over materializing the plans and the expectation for the fulfillment of long awaited fantasies and hopes, it can […]

Beauty Tips For A Bride

Tips To Do Waterproof Eye Makeup Perfectly!

With the monsoons and the humidity upon us, we makeup lovers are in a fix to get the waterproof look that will not smudge in the rains. Have you ever wanted to do a Smokey Eye Makeup but the monsoons ruined your plan? Do not worry as there are some useful waterproof eye makeup tips […]

Waterproof Eye Makeup For Sensitive Eyes

The Best Makeup Tips For Complimenting The Color Of Your Hair

We all know what Good Makeup can do to our looks, don’t we? But when do we really achieve great makeup? When every aspect of our looks falls into place. You may have the Best Makeup Guide to help you and you have implemented all the Makeup Ideas that you think are perfect for you […]

How To Match Makeup With Hair Color

Enhance Your Beauty With The Efficient Home Beauty Tips

There is so much pollution in the air at present. You must find it very difficult to keep your skin and hair healthy and beautiful. It is not possible to visit a Beauty Parlor or salon every day in this busy schedule. Whom do you turn to during your days of beauty distress then? Of […]

Home Beauty Tips And Tricks

Let Your Eyes Do The Talking With The Perfect Eye Makeup

While growing up, the first thing that most of the girls learn about make up is applying the eyeliner or kohl with shaky and inexperienced hands! Some of us become a pro after a few days of practice. However, it is important to understand the shape and color of your eyes while doing the Eye […]

A Perfect Eye Makeup