How To Use A Mascara To Enhance Your Makeup Effects

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Applying Mascara Perfectly

Ever wondered why people make eye contact while conversing? Ever come across the phrase ‘eyes are windows to the soul’? Well, believe it or not, a simple eye contact is enough to help initiate a proper conversation. Therefore, you definitely want your eyes to appear beautiful when speaking to someone, or making a teeny eye contact with a stranger. This becomes even more important when you’re a woman, there’s a deep connection between this gender and the word ‘beauty’.

Applying Mascara Perfectly

Well, we have to admit that we all are born with our separate imperfections, and we’re blessed to have make-up that helps us mask those common facial glitches. No matter how much Eye Shadow or Eye Liner you apply, you will only manage to appear mesmerizing if you’re well versed with the art of Applying Mascara for good Eye Makeup.

Enlighten your facial beauty

A single word ‘transformation’ is responsible for the creation of an entire industry. Let’s say that the word is the very life breath of the make-up and Beauty Industry. Mascara is not an ordinary creation, it is an agent; in fact a bearer of the word ‘transformation’.

Applying A Mascara

This single Makeup Component has the capability of an elixir; it gives life to a dull face. We have our bad days, and at times it becomes quite visible on our face. From one woman to another, when you think your face is appearing lifeless or dull try applying a little bit of mascara.

Applying Clear Mascara

A golden rule while applying this make-up elixir is to cover all those hairs on your lash-line. Even the tiny and stubby bits at the inner corner of eyes need a good smothering of the black liquid. Dual coat application is also a must; this ensures an even spread all over the lashes, and also coats any left out ones.

Applying Mascara Correctly

A general mistake is to keep on Applying The Mascara on the tip of your lashes. Well, that’s nothing more than simple wastage of your costly make-up component. Try smoothly dabbing and then running the liquid from the roots to the ends. This way, more of the liquid gets accumulated at the roots, and gives an illusion of thicker and healthier eye lashes.

Applying Mascara Tips

Beauty industry is extremely progressive and every few years or even months you’ll hear about a new kind of product. Well, the good eye-makeup aficionados you’ll be relieved to know that primers are now available for your eyelashes too.

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