How To Contour Your Face?

Aug 20, 2017 by nishal shah

Since the ancient time, both men and women, around the globe, want to look beautiful as it reflects their personality. To look beautiful, they tend to use makeup made of natural or chemical elements. Some women are born with natural beauty and others use makeup to cover up flaws. Due to the advancement of technology, women can get makeup tips and tutorial of their intended appearance from the internet. To add the natural shade back to the face, the method of contouring is used.

Contour Face After Foundation

Contouring is a method of doing makeup to enhance the sculpture of the face. It is usually applied by using a warm shade of color in places, such as; the cheekbone, jaw line, hairline, the temple and on the side of the nose to give a shadow and highlighting effect. Contouring was first invented in the 16th century by the stage actors in England. In the late 1800s, it became popular worldwide and during the 1920s the film actors started to use this method of makeup. The 2000s introduced the concept of body contouring where the whole body could be given the desired structure apart from the face.

Contour The Face With Makeup

Important features

While contouring the face, it can be kept in mind that highlighter should also be applied. Different face shape requires a different method of contouring. The usual shapes are:

1. Diamond: Contouring should be done in the cheek area starting from the ear till the middle of the cheeks.

How To Contour The Face And Highlight

2. Heart: The cheekbone, jaw line and the temple should be contoured to balance between the wider upper half of the face and the narrow lower half.

3. Oblong: Contouring should be done along the hairline to create an illusion of a lower hairline. The area below the cheekbones and under the chin to make the face look rounder.

4. Oval: The area near the cheekbones is to be contoured. Also, the hairline to make the hairline appear a little narrow.

How To Contour The Face For Makeup

5. Rectangle: For this face, shape contouring is to be done around the forehead to make the hairline look narrow, along the hairline, to create the illusion of a lower hairline, under the jawbone to make them look narrower and the area below the cheekbones.

6. Round: For round face shape, only the cheekbone and the forehead should be contoured to make it look narrow. and toward the jaw to make the face look long

7. Square: Three parts of the face should be contoured i.e., the cheekbones, the jaw line and the side of the forehead.

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