Are You Using The Right Tools For Applying Your Makeup?

Sep 14, 2017 by Herry Chaudhari

When you are starting out and are slowly dipping your toe into the world of makeup, it may seem daunting with the vast array of products and applicators that you can see on the market. Chances are, you are thoroughly confused as to what brush to use for which purpose and which product to use with which brush. However, fear not, for this guide is a comprehensive guide that can help you use your brushes for the particular purpose they are made for and help you take your makeup skills up several notches.

Best Tools For Applying Makeup


* Foundation Brush– A densely packed foundation brush can help you blend your foundation so beautifully and give you a skin-like texture for your face. Foundation brushes can also help to make your product last a bit longer than sponges as they do not really soak up the product as much. They are also a lot faster than traditional sponges as they can cover more area at once.

* Stippling Brush– This is a good brush you can use for concealing under the eyes as it can help to really pat the product into your skin and reach the very nooks and crannies for a seamless coverage.

* Powder Brush– This is generally a huge dome shaped brush and is great for setting your entire face with powder, whereas for the under eyes, you want a powder brush that is a bit smaller and has more control. You can also bronze up the perimeters of your face with this brush.

Tools For Applying Makeup

* Contour Brush– An angled contour brush can help you get a nice clean contour for your face. Remember to blend your contour color upward to avoid looking like you have a moustache.

* Blush Brush– A domed brush can help you get a soft flush of color on the cheeks that makes them look healthy and beautiful.

* Highlight fan brush– If you have never tried this, you are missing out. A fan brush, whether you use it for contour or highlight can give such a precise, yet blended look that is very structured and can help make your cheekbones pop so much. You can also contour and highlight your nose with this brush so easily.

Tools For Makeup Application


* Spoolie – This is your best friend when it comes to getting a good eyebrow day. Use a spoolie brush to brush up the hairs of your eyebrow prior to loading them up with makeup to get a more dramatic effect. It can also help you get rid of spider lashes, that is, if your mascara clumps up too much on your lashes.

* Small Angled brush– This is pretty much the only thing you need to get your eyebrows on fleek. Use the brush with gel products or powder brow products or both to get a clean sharp line on your eyebrows and fill it in. Do not forget to add a few straight strokes to give the brows a more natural look. You can also use a clean angled brush with concealer to clean up the edges and make the brows even more defined.


* Blending Brush– This is the one brush you cannot do without. You can keep on blending any crazy color eye shadow and get it blown out and sultry with this brush. Do not skip out on blending, it is your best friend to prevent any harsh lines.

Tools Needed For Applying Makeup

* Eyeshadow Brush – An eyeshadow brush is generally a flat tipped brush which can help deposit pigment on your eyelid precisely. Use wet with a setting spray to ensure maximum pigment payoff.

* Small round blending brush – This is a brush perfect for the inner corner and can help you highlight the inner corner and this makes you look more awake.

* Eye Liner Brush – This is the best brush for you if you are a fan of gel liners. If you are going to buy a liner brush, look for one that is super precise to get a sharp line on your eyes. The last thing you want is for your liner to feather everywhere and ruin your eye look, so opt for a tightly packed and precise one. Alternately, you can use the small angled brush for this purpose too.


* Lip Brush – This is a great option if you want to not invest in individual lipsticks but are going for a lip palette and can be an excellent brush if you want to fill in your lips very precisely. Using a lip brush can help you get more control over the lines you are making and can be a very necessary tool for lip art or if you want to use a pigment or glitter over a base lip color.

Buying a makeup brush set can help to reduce the costs of individual brushes and can help you step up your makeup game to a whole new level.