How To Avoid Cake Face Makeup – Simple Guide!

Sep 17, 2017 by Hansy shah

Cake face is one of the most common as well as one of the most gruesome mistakes that an amateur makeup artist can make. The base of your makeup routine is extremely important as it evens out your skin and creates a base for your makeup to stick and blend on.

This is why the base in an unavoidable yet difficult part of your makeup routine

Cake face is a term that is used for a mishap which makes you look like you have too much makeup on and makes you look like you are trying too hard. It looks unnatural and covers all your features instead of highlighting them.

How To Avoid Cake Face Makeup

avoid cake face makeup

Less Foundation

Most amateurs do not realise that although the foundation is used to create a base for your makeup, it is not to be used on your entire face. Foundation is meant to cover up only your uneven spots like the cheeks, around the nose and the chin.

Once the foundation is in place, you can then dot concealer on any ruddy or pimply spots the foundation doesn’t cover.

This is the optimum way to save expensive product as well as save face as you learn how to avoid cake face makeup. 

Base of Foundation

The second factor that helps you avoid cake face makeup is to use the right kind of makeup on your face. Instead of using your thick cream base foundation, you can opt for some lightweight sheer foundation or tinted moisturizer.

The second point to take care of is, to use dewy finish products instead of a matte finish. Skin with details such as wrinkles, lines, become more prominent when you use a matte foundation. 

This automatically motivated users to use more product and this results in cake face makeup. This is one of the most crucial parts of how to avoid cake face makeup. 

Foundation Primer is Key

The key to creating a perfect skin tone is to make a barrier between your skin and the foundation by applying a foundation primer first. A foundation primer works in the same way as any primer does, it settles in your pores, fine lines and wrinkles and evens over pimples so that your foundation glides on smoothly.

If you are running on a low budget and wish to avoid buying an expensive bottle of foundation primer, you can use moisturizer too. 

Choose the Correct Foundation and Concealer

Cake face worsens when you use the wrong shade of foundation and concealer. It’s really important to find the right shade of foundation or tinted moisturizer if you want the foundation to blend in seamlessly with your skin colour.

It is recommended using two different shades, one for summer when your skin is darker and then a lighter shade in winter. Not only this is essential, but it is also important to select your foundation according to your skin type.

how to avoid cake face makeuphow to avoid cake face makeup

You should choose a sheer liquid rather than a powder foundation if you have dry skin. If you have oily skin, opt for an oil-free tinted moisturizer or foundation.

Dry Skin is the Enemy 

The most important part of how to avoid cake face makeup is to make sure that your skin is dry. This forms an uneven surface on your face and makes it more difficult to apply foundation. It is important to keep your face hydrated to make sure that you have an even and smooth skin. Spritz mineral water on your face regularly during the day.

Apply moisturizer when you go to sleep at night and make sure that you apply moisturizer before applying makeup. It is also a great idea to apply moisturizer in spots where makeup is becoming cakey.

Use Setting Spray

This is an important step for how to avoid cake face makeup. A setting spray not only makes your makeup stay longer but can help to blend all the powders you have applied to your face. 

This makes them melt them into the skin and help them to look flawless. Make sure you use a good quality setting spray so that it doesn’t affect your makeup or skin adversely. 

cake face makeup


Baking is quite tricky and can be a tedious process for first-timers. For everyday makeup, you can set foundation and concealer with a lightweight face powder.

If you want to bake, use a translucent powder or a banana powder instead of a white powder since this will prevent the white cast from showing up and make your makeup look flawless and help you understand how to avoid cake face makeup.

The Right Blend

One of the best tips to how to avoid cake face makeup, use a sponge to blend your makeup in further after you apply your foundation. Better yet, a dampened sponge will pick up any excess product on your face.

This excess product is what tends to cause the dreaded cake-face makeup and hence this tip is one of the most important steps of your makeup routine. 

Use Your Fingers

To do your makeup and make it appear seamlessly across your face, use your fingers instead of using makeup brushes. The heat from your fingers will blend the makeup into all of your face’s natural contours. This gives a much better result than a brush would as this avoids streaking from a brush.


These cover all the tips on how to avoid cake face makeup and help you look naturally beautiful.

This helps you cover all your problem areas and help you enhance all your features in the right manner without having to worry about overdoing it, having a cakey appearance or looking unnatural.

The next time you have an important event, make sure you use these tips to make the most of your look.

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