Professional Face Makeup Decoded!

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Professional Face Makeup

All of us must have wondered how the Professional Makeup artists are able to bring that marked change in a person’s appearance. No matter what you do it doesn’t seem as fabulous and flawless as the professionals. But don’t worry anymore because now we are going to explore some tricks that the make-up artists use that bring forth the magical transformation in people.

Here are a few makeup artist tips for DIY home makeup.

Creating a Luminous Base

The Embryolisse’s Lait-Crème Concentre is present in every ProfessionalMakeup artists’ makeup kit. It is a moisturiser which preps the skin by hydrating it and is perfect for every skin type. It leaves the skin with a dewy and gorgeous look.

Face Makeup Ideas

Brightening up the Skin with toned Primers

Using a toned primer in the shade ofapricot or peach can significantly brighten up the skin. The Photo Finish Color Correcting Foundation Primer by Smashbox in apricot shade is one such example. If your complexion is of a tad darker shade or if your skin is just tired and dull then this product will help brighten it. Not only this, such primers also help in covering up hyper-pigmentation as well as blue and purple dark circles.

Face Makeup Steps

Using powder after Primer and before Foundation

Applying a lightweight translucent powder before after applying the primer actually helps the makeup last longer and prevents the primer from sliding around your face and disturbing the application of the foundation. But it is important to be careful as the foundation application can look cakey if too much powder is applied.

Using BeautyBlender for applying Foundation

This is a staple presence in every professional makeup artist’s kit. BeautyBlender is a revolutionary sponge designed to cover every contour of the face and apply makeup evenly. It makes sure that your makeup doesn’t look heavy and the application is flawless. It is used damp and also comes in many sizes and colors.

Professional Face Makeup Steps

Understanding the Color Theory

One of the most important things to understand while doing makeup is colors. You must refer to the color wheel to understand this better because there’s nothing more hideous than applying the wrong color and undertones during makeup. For example, colors like green and red minimize each other’s effects. So if there is a red pimple on your skin you must use a concealer that has a green tone as it will do a better job at concealing than any other shade. You must also consider your own skin tone and eye color before choosing which colors to apply on your face.

These are some makeup artist tips to achieve that professional makeup look.