How To Apply Makeup Easy and Quick Way

Mar 13, 2017 by Hansy shah

Applying Makeup can be really sucking off if you are a novice in this field. We can be a business expert, a well versed student, a dynamic teacher, but when it comes to Application Of Makeup all that is required is practice and experience. A person who has not committed a blunder while applying makeup will never ever learn the true protocol of it. While buying these seems fine, but when it comes to applying on face then the tables might turn. The result will be astonishing but whether this astonishment will bring appraisal or criticisms is a matter of concern.

Here are some basic tips for applying makeup that will surely help you to get the desired results.

How To Apply Makeup Foundation

– Make sure your base is clean and tidy as the face should look fresh and it is imperative to put on moisturizer before putting up any sort of beauty product as that will not enable to avoid any kind of negative reaction on your face. Then apply primer so that your makeup remains intact all throughout the day.

How To Apply Makeup Highlighter

– Then apply the foundation using a brush, on your face or it is best to blend it with your hand. In this case proper blending is of utmost importance.

– It is always preferable to apply concealer underneath your eyes that to in the shape of a delta. In this way you will get a naturally looking brightness that will add a flawless emerald glow to your skin and you will be the centre of attraction.

– Put on highlighter on your cheekbones, chin and eye brows and then blend with contour powder on your entire face, especially on the sides of your face, nose and forehead.

How To Apply Makeup Primer
– Application of blush is always desirable, but remember to choose a natural color as dark color is no way a good option. Apply it properly with the help of a thick brush on the apples of your skin extending it to the temples.

How To Apply Makeup

– Apply a shiny eye shadow on the eyelids and also below your lash line. This will pomp up your eyes. Use a fluffy brush and the most important method in applying eye shadows is proper blending. Blend it as much as you can and get the best results.

– Apply lipstick with the help of a lip brush, try to use natural lip colors with a glossy base.