Skeleton Face Makeup Tutorial Which Is Bound To Turn Heads This Halloween

Halloween never fails to get our adrenaline racing fast as we ponder over the numerous looks and costumes for nailing the party scene and scaring the whole town as we go trick or treating. Maybe this is the very reason behind the extreme hype about Halloween which makes us all excited from months before. In […]


Types Of Cat Face Makeup You Can Try Out This Halloween Season

Juggling between office work and chasing after your little angles and devils can turn Halloween into an extremely vexing part of the year. Yet our heart yarns to deck up in the weirdest of possibilities on the night when spirits all around hike up the level of spookiness. Cat face makeup can be your ultimate […]

How To Do Cat Face Makeup For Halloween

The Dos And Don’ts Of Makeup – Must Know Guide For Beginners!

Applying makeup on your own face is nothing but a form of art. Even though you’re the artist and your face is your canvas, you can’t do whatever you want without taking proper care. It requires some patience and to get the perfect spot on makeup you must abide by some rules. This article will […]

Basic Makeup Dos And Don'ts

How To Do Full Face Makeup Using Natural Ingredients

Makeup and skincare routine is followed by women and men all over the world in order to achieve the desired look for themselves. Since the age-old time, makeup is used to look beautiful which results in a boost in one’s personality. There is a variety of makeup available in the market, from chemical based makeup […]

Full Face Makeup Looks

Professional Face Makeup Decoded!

All of us must have wondered how the Professional Makeup artists are able to bring that marked change in a person’s appearance. No matter what you do it doesn’t seem as fabulous and flawless as the professionals. But don’t worry anymore because now we are going to explore some tricks that the make-up artists use […]

Professional Face Makeup