Let Your Longer Eyelashes Be The Focal Point Of Your Face

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Every woman wishes to have thicker, longer eyelashes. However, our natural eyelashes are not as long as we want. Often, many women like to use artificial eyelashes to have the desired look. But, if you do not have much time to apply such product precisely, you have some more tips to be followed.

Apply some heat on eyelash curling tool

Buy a hairdryer with which you have to add slight heatto the eyelash curler. While you have no such device, you can hold the curler under some sizzling water for a few seconds.

Combing your eyelash multiple times

One of the best options to create fuller and Longer Eyelashes is to use eyelash comb. It’s better to apply such comb at least two times, while having Makeup. Prior to curling your lashes, try to comb them. It helps you in avoiding clump. Moreover, after using mascara, you can comb lashes again.

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Excessive mascara is a complete waste

In many cases, it is seen, that when you are using a new mascara container for the first time, the wand has some extra mascara. You may wipe up this wand so that much of the fluid can be removed. It is true that you do not require much amount of mascara on wand for thicker lashes because it creates clumpy application.

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Be slow – You will surely win

When you wake up in morning to go to your office, you perhaps do not have time and patience for using mascara very slowly. But, swift running of mascara stick through lashes and may cause a clumped or cluttered appearance. Find some extra time to apply the product quite steadily to ensure that every lash has been coated with mascara. While the lashes are not tangled together, it can develop a cleaner and softer look.

Tightlining – An art of using liner

In addition to the eyelashes, your lash line is also needed to have attractive look. To do so, you have to consider tightlining, which is a process to apply eye liner. However, the color of mascara and your liner should be same. For instance, blonde women choose brown colored mascara in order to get distinct look.

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As the final recommendation, we can say that you shouldn’t pump mascara usingbrush because more air may access the tube and the fluid will get dried. Thus, if you do not want to attach fake lashes on your eyelids, you may consider the tips.