Pantry Products For Treating Unmanageable Frizzy Hair

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Tired of using smoothing gels and serums? Does your hair make you feel under confident? Do you wish that you had hair like Jenifer Aniston, always smooth and straight? We women tend to look up to models and red carpet celebs for our hair goals. It’s not wrong; it’s idealistic, for they have two stylists following them like a bee wherever they go. Every strand that makes the way out of their ponytail is immediately fixed by their personal stylists. Jenifer Aniston has perfect hair, we don’t, duh! And the problem simply doubles if you have frizzy hair, it’s hard to manage, difficult to predict, and even more difficult to tame.

Frizzy Hair Fix

Don’t go for the idealist

Did you spend your month’s salary on buying four hair gels? Please tell me that you didn’t! Buying costly and uber pricey hair products that make your hair shine more than the sun for half an hour is nothing but utter waste of money. Your hard earned money does not deserve to be wasted, simply because you are lured by the various beauty ads. What they show on TV is not true; it’s cheap tricks for earning millions of money. Not that all hair products are bad and ineffective, but most of these products are expensive, made of harmful chemicals, and promise to offer exceptional results, that they don’t.

Amongst the best makeup secrets that really are worthy of a try and continuance is to use simply everyday pantry ingredients for treating your skin and hair needs. You would be surprised to know that the ingredients readily available in your pantry can work miracles in treating unmanageable frizz. It’s not untamable, it’s just that you’ve been using the wrong products till date, and now when you start using the right ones you’ll notice the difference.

Frizzy Hair Remedies

There are Problems?

What are the usual frizzy hair problems? God forbid if that salty water touches the strands on your beach day out. Conditioners become a necessity; don’t waste your time trying curling your tresses it’s never going to happen. There are multiple problems associated with frizzy hair, and every problem is real. So what’s the best solution to your frizzy strands? Straightening might help you for an hour, but as soon as moisture gets trapped in your strands you’ll notice the same strands literally crisping out.

How To Fix A Frizzy Hair

There better be solutions

For a professional makeup look, one in which your hair suits your face, and your tresses look beautiful than ever try using natural ingredients. Have you ever read the label on your shampoo bottle? Most of them have ‘enriched with protein’ written on them. So what’s the source of this protein? You are right, its eggs, eggs works wonders on the strength and quality of hair and is perhaps the most effective treatment for frizzy hair. Egg yolks are enriched with Vitamin E, D and A, combined with the fatty acids makes the hair healthier, shinier and moisturizes it from within. Beat an egg in a bowl, add a table spoon of olive oil, sesame oil or coconut oil, whisk it and apply it equally on your hair focusing on the roots. Let it rest for an hour; finally rinse it off using your regular shampoo followed with the application of heavy conditioner.

How To Maintain A Frizzy Hair

What’s your favorite ingredient while making pasta, cake, salads, and mostly everything? Did I hear olive oil? Yes, it’s not just oil; it’s an ingredient in itself and is known for both its taste and nutritious properties. You’ll be surprised to know that it not only makes food tastier but also makes hair healthier. Olive oil can repair and moisturize damage locks, and is also perhaps the best pre-shampooing hair mask. Depending on the length and amount of hair you have, take olive oil in a bowl, heat it for a while, and when its mildly warm apply it on the roots and the ends as well. Olive oil has the strength to repair hair strands, moisturize it, keep it soft, shiny, and most importantly frizz free.

What’s the must have component basically the heart and soul of a backyard party? Yes! The food is definitely a top attraction, but what about the beer? Who doesn’t enjoy chugging a few glasses of beer occasionally while visiting or hosting a party with close friends? It is a known fact that beer has tremendous effect on skin, but a lesser known fact is that it’s perhaps the best ingredient for treating damaged and frizzy hair. Hair washed with beer tends to dry straighter than usual, moreover it adds a little moisture to the hair making it appear wavier and not frizzier.

The next time you feel like shaving your head off, and cannot control your tresses gone crazy, remember that you have everything required right at home. All you need to do is stick to a treatment and repeat it every week.

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