Be Your Own Style Guru With Effective Hair Coloring Tips

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Hair Coloring Tips And Tricks

If you are one of those women for whom Hair Styling is important, then coloring must be at the top of your list. There has been a massive increase in the number of cosmetic beauty brands offering hair colors in every imaginable shade. Why do women like coloring their hair? More than anything it’s the fun factor that is attached to changing hair colors. Coloring your hair, changing a shade or two can somewhat transform your entire look. Not that every color will suit you, and every color is not meant to suit you.

Hair Coloring Tips At Home

Saving money always helps

One of the most out reaching Hair And Makeup Tip is to ditch going to salons, and doing everything at home DIY style. What are the benefits of not going to your regular salons? Believe it or not, salons have become one of the most promising businesses in the beauty and cosmetic industry. Every decent salon is sure to attract tons of customers, and is a very promising business. That’s one reason for which salons rate their products and services at a terribly high cost. Not going to the salon would be doing a favor on yourself, you’ll save money, use products you’ve bought, and you will slowly become a pro.

Hair Coloring Tips And Techniques

How to become your own style guru? Will a few tips help you go a long way? If these are the questions you’ve been thinking about, read the full article and you’ll realize it’s simpler than you thought.

Hair Coloring is not as complicated as most women think, but it’s a bit tricky, especially the selection of the color. You can never become a pro without having the required wisdom of when to go lighter or darker. If you want to change your color or stir up your look a bit for a party or a special occasion, semi permanent dye would be the best. When selecting semi permanent hair colors, it’s always better to opt for a lighter shade. Why? These semi permanent dyes tend to become darker with time, due to the absence of developers. If you want to sport a darker shade than you currently have, it’s safer to choose permanent hair colors, because of the strong developers.

Hair Dye Tips And Tricks

Not everything’s good

You can never become a style guru or a self-proclaimed pro without accepting the harsh facts of the cosmetic industry. Cosmetic brands tend to idealize the effect of their products in the ads and banners that you see. Not that all cosmetic brands are bad, but every brand has the habit of portraying a few notches above. When you look for a shade, and perhaps fall in love with the shade the model’s sporting on the carton, you have to realize that it’s false. No matter how much you try, you’ll not be able to get the same result. The color is always going to be a shade or two lighter than what the model’s hair looks like on the box.

Hair Coloring Tips For Beginners

Synchronize the texture with color

Coloring has always been in trend, but the rules keep changing, it keeps becoming better. Uni-tone hair colors on the ends of the hair are in trend currently. It’s not rare to find the ends of someone’s hair colored red or burgundy. Sometimes, it also looks alarmingly good on some women, but if you have frizzy or damaged hair you should completely avoid sticking to the practice. One makeover tip for ladies that you should know while transforming your hair color is that frizzy hair always tends to soak in more color. This basically means that while applying hair color on your tips, you might get the result you’ve been looking for initially. However, with time, or within a few days you might witness the dye becoming stronger and lighter. The result will therefore be unwanted from styling point of view, and for the health of your tresses. Basically, the extra absorption of the dye is going to react 3X stronger, and may damage the tips.

Yes! There’s nothing more important than the health of your hair. You cannot compromise the quality of your hair for styling purpose. If you do so, you have to remember than within a decade you may be able to bun your hair in baby strings. If that’s not what you want, you have to stick to good quality hair colors. No matter what brand you swear by, always opt for dyes that are ammonia free. Even better, if your brand makes colors that are enriched with natural substances like tea tree oil, or jojoba oils, or a mix of various essential oils.

Don’t let your styling needs go haywire because of the high salon rates. Become your own style guru, and start learning about the small tips and tricks of hair styling and coloring today. The more you learn, the more chances of you’re becoming an absolute pro.

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