6 Steps To Get Silky & Shiny Hair Naturally Before Wedding Without Visiting The Parlor

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Hair Care Pre Wedding

For every girl/woman her wedding day is the most important day of her life and that day she wants to look her best. It is the time when the“would be bride” has to visit parlor half of the days! Not an easy thing to do in all these hustle bustles. What if the would be bride saves up some time & tries these simple & natural hacks to get silky & shiny hair without going to a parlor prior her wedding? So here are 6 simple remedies by which you can have silky & shiny hair.

Hair Care For Wedding

1. Honey – Honey has many qualities in it, not only it tastes good or is good for skin but also it is good for your hair if you apply it properly. Honey has anti – oxidants as well as anti – bacterial properties that enhances the growth of your hair as well as make it look shiny. Use this pack to get results shortly – mix two tablespoon of honey, one spoon of milk & few drops of olive oil. Once you are done shampooing apply this mixture from roots to the tips of the hair, let it sit for 10 minutes & then rinse it off with cold water. Do this at least 2 days a week & you are sure to get results.

2. Milk – Not only having milk makes your bones stronger but also applying milk leaves your hair stronger, silkier & shinier. First of all, wet your hair & then evenly apply raw milk in the scalp & to the tips & then comb your hair thoroughly & leave it for few minutes then rinse it off with cold water.Your hair will look so glossy & silky that people will wonder which parlor you’ve been!

Hair Care Before Wedding

3. Aloe Vera – This particular natural ingredient is a miracle plant. It works wonder on any part of the body if applied. Not only Aloe Vera is known for its anti – dandruff qualities but also it helps your hair to appear smooth. Use this mix just as you use serum – Aloe Vera gel, with few drops of olive oil & bit of honey. Apply it all over your hair & leave it for half an hour & then rinse off with water. Repeat these few days & see your hair getting smoother & silkier!

Hair Care Tips Before Wedding

4. Egg – You would probably think that your hair would stink if you apply egg on your hair, but don’t worry as it won’t. Not only egg is a good source of essential vitamins but also it helps you to get stronger & shiny hair. All you have to do is that, next time you shampoo your hair, mix egg & shampoo & apply all over your head then rinse it off & then use your favorite conditioner. Your hair will look voluminous as well as shiny! Repeat this after 2 days & you are sure to get results.

5. Lemon –This natural ingredient is quite useful in many different ways. Not only applying lemon juice on your scalp every alternate day help you to get rid of dandruff but also helps you to get shiny hair before your ‘big day’. Just extract the juice of one lemon mix it with diluted vinegar & honey & apply it all over your head & massage it thoroughly; just keep it for a minute & wash off. You are bound to get shiny looking hair on your wedding day.

Hair Care Tips For Wedding

6. Yogurt – The last natural ingredient which is essentially very good if applied properly in your hair, rich source of vitamins which help you to get rid of dandruff as well provides nourishment to your damaged hair. Applying yogurt in your hair & leave it for sometime & then rinse off with shampoo, you’ll get shiny hair within a week of your marriage

So, these were just few simple natural hacks through which you can achieve smooth & shiny hair prior to your wedding without hitting the parlor & end up saving money as well as time & also stay relieved that those ‘blowing’, ‘brushing’ would not damage your hair.

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