Makeup Hacks: All That A Girl Needs To Know!

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It generally happens that girls or ladies know about makeup tips and how to do it but they miss on some things that every woman out there must know- makeup hacks!!! When you have a short time, or are in a hurry and do not want to spend hours in front of your mirror to get the perfect look for yourself, you need to take help of to these tricks which are easier and suitable for your daily routine. If you want to know about some of those makeup hacks, just read on….

Makeup Hacks & Tips

1. Use of credit, business or a notecard

Want to have a perfect cat eye? Simply use a credit, business or a notecard to make a full proof line. You can also try to first make a cat eye and then fill the open space. You may also use any one of these to get the best mascara line.

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2. Use of a spoon in your make up

Strange it may sound but yes, the spoon in your kitchen can help you with your makeup. You can use it to create a perfect winged liner.

* Firstly, just draw a straight line by using the stem of your spoon and keeping it in the corner of the eye. After this turn the spoon making the curved part cover your eyelid which will help create the curved winger liner.

* It can also be used to avoid the mascara spoiling the upper lid of the eye. While applying the mascara, hold the spoon with the curved surface covering the eyebrows and touching the eyelashes.

3. Something for the lips

Mix peppermint oil or cinnamon oil with the lip gloss to give it a rounder, fatter, and soft effect. Hold the tissue over the lips and simply blow translucent powder over it which will make the lipstick last longer. Also, if you want to have fuller lips, just apply a light pencil in the middle portion of the lips and there you go!

4. Converting a pencil liner into a gel

Gel obviously stays longer than a pencil liner and you can get that effect without spending an extra penny. Just hold your pencil liner in the flame for a second and let it cool for about 15 seconds. You will notice the change as you will apply this to your eyes.

5. To make eyes pop

If you have a hangover or are feeling tired and do not want people to know that, just apply white liner which will not only intensify the eyeshadow but also help your eyes pop and make you look fresh.

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6. Need a fan brush?

It so happens that sometimes we forget to carry the fan brush. The good news is that you do not need one either. Just pick up your old blusher brush, put a bobby pin across it and there it is, your fan brush!!

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7. Where to start the application of foundation?

Do not apply the foundation on the jawline or the hairline as it looks very artificial. Simply apply it on the nose and blend outwards to give it a natural look.

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8. Give life to your mascara

Mascara dries up very fast. Therefore, you can give life to your mascara by simply re-wetting it using saline contact solution. But do not use mascara that is older than 3 months as it can cause infection to the eyes.

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9. For removing the makeup easily

One should not sleep with makeup on, and hence keep the wet wipes handy and easy to carry so that you can be as lazy as you want but not at the cost of your skin. You can also use baby oil to easily remove the makeup including the mascara and the eyeliner.

Now that you know these amazing hacks for makeup, do not worry if you have less time to get ready or if you are too lazy to do your makeup. Just get up, spend a few minutes on yourself and there you are, ready to move out with confidence and rock the day with your beauty!

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