Look Immaculately Perfect On Your Wedding Day With Few Simple Tips

Herry Chaudhari

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Wedding Makeup Tips

The most auspicious day of your life which you will want to be projected right out of a fairy tale book, is your wedding. With all the long awaited fantasies, dreams, hopes coming to life, all the planning might make you feel puzzled and worked out. The tagline for the day should be ‘perfection’, and that should include you too. Every bride needs to look immaculately perfect on their wedding day, everything from skin, hair to makeup must look ‘flawless’. If you don’t know how, well here are a few Wedding Makeup Tips that will rescue you from the stress.

Exercise for better skin

Wedding Makeup Tips And Advice

The most significant aspect of looking flawless on the D day is that you start prepping your skin from at least a month in advance. Drink lots of water, avoid eating oily food, don’t step out before applying sunscreen, and cleanse your face regularly. The three golden rules of having flawless skin aka cleansing, toning, moisturizing is something you must follow religiously. These simple steps are far more beneficial than investing in expensive cosmetic products that claim more than actually work.


The most beneficial tip to Look Beautiful is to exercise regularly for staying fit and Looking Attractive. Exercising has ‘Beauty Benefits’ too, for sweating helps get rid of toxins that jam skin pores and prevents the skin from breathing freely. Incorporate toner in your regular skincare regime, and use it after cleansing and moisturizing your skin with Herbal Products. For cleansing your skin you can also make facial homemade masks, made with rice powder, lemon and honey.

Bridal Makeup Tips At Home

Important makeup components

For looking breathtaking on your ‘special’ day, use primer as your makeup base after you’ve moisturized it well. This not only offers a more natural look but will also help the foundation and concealer stay intact. MAC and Sephora are amongst the various cosmetic brands that offer affordable and smooth primers.

Wedding Makeup Tips And Tricks

Everybody has imperfection, there’s no reason to be scared of admitting it. However, you can flaunt your ‘imperfections’ if you want to but not on your wedding day. Cover all the blemishes, spots, dark circles, acne scars, by using a light concealer. A new makeup trend is to use colored concealer like green and yellow to cover tinted blemishes. Although, your wedding is the day for you to look dolled up, opting for a more subtle and natural look is always a better option. Best would be to hire a professional makeup artist who has adequate knowledge about skin tips for making you look even more gorgeous.