Don’t Let The Commercial Fool You, Go Herbal For Beautiful Skin And Hair

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Herbal Skincare

We all desire flawless complexion and Beautiful Looks, but fall prey to effects of harmful UV rays, pollution and so on. Our everyday habits affect the health of our skin, and without our realization these ‘small’ factors affects our skin in a ‘big’ way. Poor dieting habits and irregular Skin Care regime can easily rob our skin of the natural and youthful glow, and make it appear lifeless and dull. Lustrous, think and long hair is on every woman’s wish list but exposure to dirt, sun, pollution, dust prevents the ‘dream’ from becoming a reality.

Herbal Beauty Skin Care

Ammonia free shampoo

If Beautiful Skin and lustrous locks are what you dream of, be careful about your cosmetic selections. Maybe the shampoo that you’ve been using for so long does more harm to the quality of your hair than your habits do. Most of the products manufactured and available in the market may promise ‘big words’ but actuality is that 80% of these are created with harmful chemicals.


The most important tip for Beautiful Hair is that you stop using products which has ammonia or harmful chemicals in it. The herbal market is expanding and evolving, and it’s probably the best time to consider using Herbal Products, before it’s too late.

Herbal Skin Care Tips

Homemade facial mask

Instead of spending a lot on buying expensive skincare products use simple everyday ingredients for restoring the lost glow. The best tip for beautiful skin is to prepare a homemade facial mask using honey and green tea water. Mix equal proportions of honey, rice flour, and green tea water, and after applying let it rest for at least 20 to 30 minuites. Massage your face by running your fingers in circulating motion for increasing blood flow. This will not only even out your skin tone, but will also make your skin get rid of dead skin cells.

Herbal Skin Care Products

Consider eating good food

A significant tip for beautiful hair which will help you combat all the hair related issues is to focus on your diet. If you have oily hairs try eating lots of yogurt, fresh fruits, salads and green leafy vegetables. On the other hand if you have normal or dry hair, increase consumption of nuts, bananas, brown rice, lentils, chicken and fish. The cosmetic industry is worth 3 billion dollars, and most of the cosmetic brands fool people with cheap tactics for increasing their profits, don’t fall prey to useless taglines and edited commercials. Most importantly keep smiling, for happy women are the prettiest.