Hydration Is The Key To Glowing Skin!

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Every fitness and beauty fashionista is aware of the benefits of drinking water on a daily basis and how hydrating our bodies directly relate to a great and luscious skin. Celebrities around the world use this secret to maintain the glow on their skin and not just the skin, hydration heals the body in general. It flushes the toxins from the body, making way for newer cells and glowing skin.

Hydration For Skin And Hair

Why hydration is so important?

Hydration being important is no myth. From doctors, including dermatologists, nutritionists, and other medical practitioners and beauticians, before recommending any therapy for the skin, recommended water intake. The normal water intake of an individual on a daily basis should be around 3-4 litres and perhaps even more. Water is good for the body in infinite ways. The few benefits that water gives us is as follows.

Lubrication of joints and proper bowel movement is ensured. Hydration makes sure that we are energetic and do not feel nauseous or dizzy while doing some heavy-duty work.
Weight loss is a major factor in which hydration is crucial. This is important because not only does it keep the belly full, it also helps in proper digestion. This in return is important because our diet regulated our skin texture. If we have regular bowel movements and indulge into nutritious food with proper hydration, our skin is much more radiant and also free of unnecessary acne and pimples which are an obstruction and battle for women worldwide. Women want clear skin without the hassle of using different expensive products. Instead, hydration solves 50% of the problems. Removal of toxins is one of the main reasons why water is important.

 Natural Hydration For Skin

While working out, or even post workout it is recommendable to have warm instead of cold water to about shocking the internal organs which have been heated up due to the physical activity. Thus, this is another important effect of hydration.

Hydration flushes toxins even when splashed and washed on a daily basis. Remember to rinse your face on a regular basis, for at least 3-4 times a day. A rose water face splash or even normal scented start can be used while traveling to get rid of the surface dirt and keeping the pores clean and free of oils.

young woman drinking with waterglass

Hydration does another amazing thing by keeping the temperature of out body optimal and this avoids the skin to rupture and project unnecessary heat boils and pimples. This is very important because heat causes a lot of skin problems which directly shows in the face. Heat induces boils and pimples along with acne which can leave the skin dry and devoid of the luscious natural glow.

What is the science behind all of this?

The science behind a glowing skin and the relation of water and hydration is that the hyaluronic acid in the skin helps to keep the skin resilient and is the essential element which retains water in our skin. When there is proper hydration, the possibility of wrinkles and other aging effects on the skin also reduces. Osmosis is perhaps the science that holds this logic together. Hydration thus plumps up the skin and thus reduces the necessity to use chemical leader makeup for an artificial glow which is obviously harmful to the skin. Trans-epidermal water loss is a condition which occurs on a daily basis and since we lose water in the form of sweat, it is essential to replace this lost water. This helps in making the skin soft and of course, prevents it from drying and chapping.

Hydration For Skin Care

The weather matters less when it comes to hydration but hot and dry places require people to increase their intake of water as they lose a lot of water anyway.

Replenishing lost nutrition applied for water in our body too and this holds true for hydration too.

Remember these handy trios and start your day healthy and hydrated. Remember to carry a bottle of drinking water always on the go and make sure to intake water which is clean and not from random places. Another addition to your handbag can be a rose water spray which one can use on hot days to spray on the face and clean it up. This is a superior way of hydration oneself. Flavored water is recommended for people who find normal water boring and monotonous. The change you will see at the end of this routine will be fabulous and it will clearly be seen on the skin.

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