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Best Way To Whiten Teeth At Home Naturally

Every human being wants to look beautiful and attractive in front of others. The womenfolk usually take help of the chemical based makeup to look pretty whereas a natural beauty is much more appreciated. Although women tend to apply makeup on their face they ignore the importance of clear teeth when it comes to looking their best. When someone smiles it automatically makes them a lot to attractive. To have a gorgeous smile it is necessary to have white teeth. Taking care of the teeth should be an important part of the beauty routine that is followed by most women. As makeup is used by the majority of the smile they only think to apply a good shade of lip color will make their smile more beautiful.

Ways To Whiten Teeth With Coconut Oil

Having a set of white teeth is often more admired than having yellow teeth. One of the major beauty problem faced by both men and women is to have yellow teeth which occur due to the wearing off of the enamel with growing age which can also lead to sensitivity problem. Even if one brushes their teeth from time to time this problem can still be seen and other certain measures should be taken to have white teeth.

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As mentioned earlier having white teeth is very important as it reflects one’s look. Sometimes just brushing the teeth with toothpaste might not give the solution to this problem. There is a variety of Toothpaste Company in the market which says that by using their paste one can have a pearl like white teeth. But the best remedy can be found by using some of the natural ingredients at home. The following are the items which are available easily and can be used to get white teeth.

Ways To Whiten Teeth At Home

Here are some of the best natural teeth whitening tips or home remedies which can be used to get white teeth.

Oil pulling: One of the oldest ways to maintain oral hygiene is by following this method. In the beginning, people used sesame oil or sunflower oil but with time coconut oil became more popular as it has a pleasant taste and many health benefits. This method is said to be the safest way to remove bacteria from the mouth which cause the yellowing of the teeth.

One tablespoon of coconut oil should be put in the mouth and push and pull the oil through the teeth for at least 15 minutes before spitting it out. This should be done daily to avoid having plaque.

Ways To Whiten Teeth

Baking soda & Hydrogen Peroxide:

The Hydrogen Peroxide is a unique antibacterial agent that potentially works as a mouth cleaner, as well as, takes the responsibility of clearing the gum, which essentially keeps the inside of our mouth completely germ-free. Just fifty percent water and the same amount of hydrogen peroxide and the same mixture be swished around inside the mouth for at least one minute and thereafter rinse, which will help in getting a perfect solution for mouth and gum cleaning. It is examined that the hydrogen peroxide keeps the bacteria at bay and helps the freshness of the breath, as this is having the antibacterial and anti septic agent.

The Baking Soda is having wide use for Natural Teeth Whitening and it can be found almost everywhere in this world, because it provides the natural and useful protection for teeth against the disturbing gum diseases, such as; periodontitis and gingivitis. A very small amount of baking soda can be mixed with a small amount of hydrogen peroxide to get a paste that helps in removing plaque from the deep inside of the teeth. It can be noted that the baking soda is quite a gritty element like any sandpaper, therefore; one has to be careful to mix enough hydrogen peroxide to it, otherwise, the same can be harmful to the enamel of the teeth, which will not be growing back again.

Ways To Whiten Teeth With Baking Soda

Apple Cider Vinegar:

The Apple Cider Vinegar, popularly known as, ACV, is effectively working as the natural cleanser and antibiotic agent for teeth and gum. Not only that; it is also helpful in removing the most stubborn stains, which cannot be removed in a natural way. It is found that the ACV is able to remove the most obstinate stains, caused by coffee and smoking habits, which occurred due to nicotine deposits. While in the market there are lots of products available for these stains removal, but one can easily try the ACV, as a potential removing agent, which will provide a sense that the stains are being professionally cleaned.

The presence of acetic acid, magnesium, potassium, enzymes and probiotics are the main reason of making the ACV, as a natural cleanser and killer of bad bacteria of dangerous nature and at the same time, helps in fostering the growth of the probiotic bacteria, which is good for oral health. In short, this ingredient could play an all-rounder role in oral health and Natural Teeth Whitening.

It is always wondered to follow such Natural Teeth Whitening Tips to make your smile more beautiful by removing bacteria from mouth and whiten teeth.

I hope you enjoyed these natural teeth whitening tips and feel free to share them with your friends who love to have natural and beautiful smile.

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