The Simplest Tips To Get Your Brows Perfect

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Perfect Eyebrows Tips

Eyebrows are that part of our face that has been through so much. From the pencil thin brows of the 90s to the fuller more defined brows that are popular now, eyebrows can really change your entire facial structure and make it look sharper and more defined. While doing your eyebrows can be an especially daunting task especially when you are starting off with makeup, with a little bit of practice and these hacks to help make the process easier, you can definitely get the best brows that will help define your facial structure and complete your makeup look.

Good Eyebrows Tips

Here are some points which needs to consider if you want to get perfect eyebrows.

Brow shape for face types

When you are trying to do your eyebrows and get them prepped, remember that everyone’s brows are shaped differently. Just like a haircut, different brows suit different types of facial shapes. With an oval face, you want your brows to be fuller and more rounded to balance out the face. With a round face, an arched brow can definitely add some dimension, while for a square brow, a rounded brow would be a better idea. For a heart shaped face, a rounded brow with a rounded arch can diffuse the face shape and the harsh lines while for a longer face, a shorter and rounded brow can balance out the length.

Grooming your eyebrows

When you are grooming your eyebrows, do not groom them to be razor thin. Razor thin brows look really harsh and are definitely a thing of the past. If you are trying to groom your brows, a good way to get it precise is to only trim one hair at a time after brushing out with a spoolie. To pluck your brows, only pluck the hairs that are outside the lines of your brows. Let your brows grow out in between sessions to make sure you get them to be thicker. Using some natural oils like castor oil or coconut oil can help to make your brows grow and become fuller in size. Having a fuller brow can help you cut down the time it needs to fill in the brows and takes a lot of time off your makeup schedule in the morning, so we highly recommend growing out your brows.

Best Tips For Perfect Eyebrows

The 3 points

To start off with makeup, you will need to map out where the start point, arch and end is going to lay. Start by placing a pencil or a pen on the middle of your nostril and lining it up straight with the inner corner of your eye, leaving a tiny gap. This is your start point. Now keeping the pencil aligned at the nostril, look straight ahead and mark where the pencil crosses your iris. This is the arch point. Tilt the pencil again to align it with the outer corner of your eye to get the end point. Now that you have found these points, it is time to fill in the brows.

Tips For Perfect Eyebrows

Filling in the brows

For this purpose, you can either use a brow pencil with a very precise tip or a brow pomade with an angled brush. The color you use should actually be a shade lighter than your natural hair. So, if you have black brow hair, you can go for a dark brown or a grey to make it look less harsh and more realistic. Make small precise strokes to mimic the growth of hair in the direction of the growth of your natural brow hair to make it look fuller. Go for shorter and sparser strokes at the front, since this is the way your brow is naturally. To make it look even more natural and realistic, you can use a lighter shade to start off. To keep the hairs in place, a brow gel can be a good option, or simply setting the brow with brow powder.

Tips Getting Perfect Eyebrows

If you want to sketch out your brows even more and make them more defined, use a little bit of concealer to make the lines more precise. You can even use a highlighter as a brow bone highlight to make the brows more defined and look absolutely perfect. While you definitely don’t need to do all the steps on a daily basis, simply filling in your brows can help give your face so much definition and it doesn’t take much time at all to accomplish. Just go for it and try a couple of time. You can easily find the shape that works for you.

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