How to Remove Makeup Without Makeup Remover

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It is one of the most tedious jobs to take your makeup off after a long day. It is however utterly necessary to do so. This helps your skin breathe at night and makes sure that you do not have acne outbreaks or get pimples and other skin problems.

A lot of women see expensive makeup remover as the only way to get rid of their makeup at the end of their outings. This means they carry a separate product everywhere they go and spend a ton on a remover, sometimes more than some of their makeup products.

Despite these major drawbacks, using chemically synthesized products defeats the whole purpose of having clear skin when you go to bed.

Remove Makeup

How to Remove Makeup with Makeup Remover Alternatives

Here are some alternatives you might want to consider instead of an expensive makeup remover if you want to know how to remove makeup without makeup remover.

Micellar Water

It is a myth that micellar water can only be used to cleanse your skin. It is also a very effective way of removing makeup once you are done with your social gathering or an event. If you are confused about how to remove makeup without a makeup remover, this is one of the easily available alternatives that allow users to cleanse, energizing and clean their pores.

This is a great product to own and is ideal for regular use. Simply dab micellar water on a cotton pad and wipe off your makeup very easily.

remove makeup with micellar water

Baking Soda and Honey

Honey is a great natural solution when you want to learn how to remove makeup without makeup remover. It is a well-known antibacterial along with being an anti-aging agent. Since honey is sticky in nature, adding baking soda to it makes for a great mixture to remove makeup. Your makeup will come off in no time.

Just rub the solution onto your skin gently and let it do the rest. This amalgam gets the job done along with many more benefits. The ingredients are easily available and are cheap compared to chemical products. Not only that, there are numerous health benefits of applying this mixture and also gives your complexion a boost.

remove makeup with baking soda and honey

Coconut Oil

If you are using waterproof products and fear that washing your face will do little to remove your makeup, use the exact opposite of water to get the job done – oil. Coconut oil is a natural solution for makeup removal and can be attained very easily.

This also moisturizes your skin and makes it healthier. This is a great alternative for your remover and is the perfect example of how to remove makeup without makeup remover. Just dab a generous amount of oil on your face and then rub it off with a cotton pad. This will get the job done in no time.

remove makeup with coconut oil


It is easy to remove makeup from sensitive skin with the help of Milk. It makes sure that your skin is not irritated and is a perfectly natural remover. If you have stubborn eye makeup that you just can’t seem to get off, dip cotton balls in milk and then wipe your eyelids and the rest of your face with these wipes.

They are a natural alternative to makeup remover wipes and will be less expensive to use. After you finish wiping your makeup off, rinse your face to feel your naturally smooth skin. This is a great way to remove makeup without the use of any chemicals.


Cucumber Juice

If you have more time in hand and want to make sure that your skin and pores are absolutely clean, you can use cucumber juice to get rid of the makeup on your face. Apply cucumber juice and then use steam to remove any makeup you have on.

This is a great way to hydrate and cleanse your skin and will also make your skin feel rejuvenated. If you wonder how to remove makeup without a makeup remover when you have multiple layers and coats on, feel free to use this technique to make sure you get it right.

remove makeup with cucumber juice

Water and Jojoba Oil

This is a great way to remove any makeup you have on your skin with maximum ease. This allows you to tackle waterproof makeup products and also nourishes your skin with nutrients. Jojoba oil is a great tool to tackle acne, breakouts and hydrate your skin simultaneously.

This allows users with sensitive skin to remove makeup without having to worry about the harmful effects of chemicals used in the drugstore removers. This is the best remedy on how to remove makeup without a makeup remover.

water and jojoba oil

Olive Oil

It is light, supple and is ideal for a great makeup remover for waterproof products. This is one of the best remedies to use when you run out of makeup remover or don’t want to spend a hefty amount on a makeup remover. This ensures that your skin is hydrated and cleansed while getting rid of the product that might be clogging your pores and not allowing your skin to breathe. Olive oil enriches the skin with nutrients and is very easily available. It also makes for a cheap alternative to chemically synthesized drugstore products and is a great solution.

Use a cotton ball or pad for this technique to work effectively. Just dab a small amount of oil on a cotton ball or pad and wipe off the makeup in one go. This is gentle on your skin and easy to use as well.

Olive Oil


With all these amazing alternatives, you will never catch yourself wondering how to remove makeup without makeup remover.

This list is curated for all those people who wish to use a minimum amount of harmful chemicals on their skin and make sure that they do everything they can to keep their skin looking young and fresh.

Go ahead and try any of how to remove makeup without makeup remover solutions and make sure you share them with your friends as well.

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