How To Choose Makeup Colors?

Mar 09, 2018 by Dal Uplana

There are thousands out there waiting to police you for putting on makeup, but girls, what is the harm in looking prettier and more presentable with the help of a li’l makeup? Remember there are also thousands present; who will drop a compliment on how gorgeous you look always, that will surely brighten your day!

Hey but wait, it is not just about others, it is about yourself. You should feel good about yourself and makeup can surely help you do that.

Ladies, you should remember that choosing the right makeup products and the right colors that match your skin tone is very, very important. Or else, your overall look and all your efforts to doll up can go in waste.

Makeup Colors To Make You Look Younger

So, let us help you in this regard and guide you on how you should choose your makeup colors.

1) Determine the color of your skin tone:

You can do this by seeing the shade along your jaw line or simply hold a white paper in front of the mirror and watch how your skin looks in contrast to it.You can do this by seeing the shade along your jaw line or simply hold a white paper in front of the mirror and watch how your skin looks in contrast to it.

Fair skin tone: For your skin tone that matches that of snow white, anything too bright can tend to be blown out of proportion. Coral, peach and pink shades are likely to be the colors you can rely on.

Medium skin tone: You have a light tan and a slightly brown skin tone, and therefore honey, golden-brown, and bronze shades can work like magic on your skin.

Best Makeup Colors For Neutral Skin Tone

Light or Olive skin tone: You have a skin tone that glows in the sun, and the perfect shades to enhance your beauty are light and rosy pink or a warm peach blush, rosy pink coupled with just a li’l shimmer on your cheekbones.

Dark brown skin tone: Well, your rich skin tone can pull off almost any and every bright color. From bright red lips to a cranberry-colored or a bright orange blush, you can pull off everything like a pro!

Makeup Colors For Different Skin Tones

2) Recognize your undertones:

Look closely into your wrist and try to identify the color of your veins by placing a golden or a silver colored fabric next to it. If your veins appear blue next to the silver, you have a cool undertone; if it’s yellow, green or brownish in comparison to the golden fabric, you have a warm tone; and if it appears both blue and green, you are neutral toned which means you can wear both the cool and warm undertones.

What Makeup Colors Should I Wear

3) Pick your lipstick colours based on your skin tone.

Dark or medium skin tone: Apply dark or bold colors like bright red, pink or purple. However, if you are wearing a dark color eye shadow already, keep it low on your lips and apply nude or light pink colored lipstick.

Olive or fair skin tone: Go easy and apply lighter shades like baby pink, light purple or nude.

What Makeup Colors Look Best On Me

4) Buy your foundation depending on your skin tone and undertone!

It is very important to buy the right colored foundation that matches both your skin tone and undertone! Use an online tool for it or simply consult a beauty expert in this regard.

If you have a warm undertone and a fair skin tone, porcelain or light ivory are the perfect shades for you. A brown or beige shade is ideal for the ones with a medium skin tone and a cool undertone.

In case you are clueless, just remember to buy a foundation that is slightly darker than your skin tone, or else you might just end up looking chalky.

Always remember to test your foundation before you actually buy it!

5) Your eye shadow should depend on the color of your eyes.

Black or Dark brown eyes: Choose deep shades like brown, deep plum, navy blue, or dark grey. You can also try metallic colors.

Blue eyes: Pick warm colors like peach, orange, coral, apricot, beige, bronze, or pink, and avoid blue-green shades.

Green eyes: Select cool shades like purple, crimson, plum, pink, copper, red-brown, , and mauve

6) Your blush should match your skin tone as well.

Blush helps your face to glow and appear brighter while keeping it warm. For,

What Makeup Colors Compliment Your Complexion

Fair skin: Peach or plum color

Medium or olive skin: Colors like apricot with a hint of orange, medium pink, orangey pink or mauve

Dark skin: Purple-pink or light purple, bright tangerine or deep terra cotta colors would be perfect for you.

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We hope these simple tips helped. We are sure you have to come know in case you’re making the wrong decisions regarding makeup colors. Don’t anymore! Buy the right colors now onwards.