The Best Ways To Prevent The Cake Face From Powder Makeup

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A Good Makeup Powder

Working with powder makeup can be quite tricky and a simple mistake can turn a look from flawless to overdone. There are a number of reasons why your powder makeup may be looking cakey and appear to be sitting on your face instead of blending in seamlessly with the rest of your products. From simply putting on too much to using the wrong color or a product with the wrong undertone, no matter what the reason for that cake face makeup is, here are the top mistakes that can cause cake face makeup and how to fix them.

Incorrect tools

One of the biggest things you need to realize is that certain tools are good for certain types of products.

What Is A Powder Makeup

While a beauty blender sponge is amazing for blending out foundation and concealer, with a powder, it really gives you a lot of coverage which can often translate to cake face makeup. If you are looking for something that looks more natural, a brush can be a better idea and it can help you dust the product lightly on the skin and give you a glow-y complexion. Another little hack is to use the powder puffs and pat on excess product to really mattify the skin and letting the powder warm up with your face before dusting it off. If you want your powder to really give you some coverage, one of the best ways to do this is to use a damp beauty blender and pack on the powder with it.

prevent the Cake Face

Cleaning your brushes

If you don’t clean your brushes often it can be a problem and the powder can start clinging to the brush and can affect the way the makeup looks on your face. It can cause the cake face makeup. One of the best ways to clean your brush thoroughly is to use some baby shampoo and then condition them with some tea tree oil which can help to disinfect the brush and enable them to remain fluffy and soft for longer. It is also necessary to spot clean every day with instant brush cleansers and rub it off on paper towels after every use to ensure the bristles don’t get clumped together and cause the powder to go on patchy or cakey.

Shade matching

It is quite important to ensure that your powder is matched to your skin tone. It is actually necessary to get a color that is a shade lighter or half a shade lighter, especially for oily skin tones, since the powder can start oxidizing and get darker when it comes in contact with oil. For drier and combination skin, using the same powder as your skin color works pretty well. It is also really necessary to pay attention to the undertone while you are picking a powder.

prevent the Cake Face

If you have war undertones, a more yellow undertone powder is suitable for you, while for cooler undertones, a pink undertone powder is a more flattering for your skin.

The right formula of powder

It is really necessary to find the right formula of powder for your skin type. While your shopping ensure that you look at the ingredients. While talc based powders can help to absorb the oil from your face and make your face look more matte, using a powder with hyaluronic acid can help hydrate and moisturize the skin. Using silica based powders can be a good idea for people with combination skin.

Skin prep

If you are going to be using a lot of it, it is necessary to prep your skin before and after the process. The first step of your makeup needs to be moisturizing, no matter what, however, it is especially important to ensure you have a good moisturizer on underneath the makeup to keep the powder from making your skin too dry. Hydrating primers and setting spray can be used after powdering your face to help it melt into the skin and prevent the cake face.

prevent the Cake Face

Don’t forget to kick off your bake

Using excess powder to really set your cream makeup can help them look flawless and stop them from creasing; however, it is really necessary to use a big fluffy brush to dust off the excess powder from your face to ensure that your face does not appear to have a white cast while you are taking a photo with flash.

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