4 Oxymoronsin Beauty That Will Bring Change To Your Life

Dec 17, 2017 by Hansy shah

Buying expensive products, visiting parlours every now and then, taking tips from the experts and always stressing on the kind of beauty you own – there can be many definitions to creating your beauty.

We all keep stressing about maintaining our looks and try to do even the craziest of things to ensure that we are able to return to a very solicited look. While what we get is dull and frizzy hair, skin with umpteen issues and even hard to control habits that only do more harm to us.

The Perfect Brow Beauty Tips

After years of research and looking really deep into the reflections of the mirror – we have come to the conclusion that it is actually the little things in the course of our daily lives that add up to the beauty statements that most stars create. Therefore, what you need is a heavy dose of essential nutrients with a lifestyle that supports your beauty. Take some hints from us!

Beauty Tips For Perfect Skin

1. Getting the perfect skin when a pimple sits on your chin

Of course, pimples happen to be hurtful than a breakup and there is nothing that works when it decides to sit up on the most eventful time of our lives. You have tried to visit parlors for numerous cleanups and anti-pimple treatments but haven’t got the desired results until now in the lifetime doesn’t mean that you cannot have a flawless skin like Sarah Jessica Parker. The only difference that you need to make is the way you treat your skin. Instead of going to parlors and spending time and money, spend energy on creating good skin.

Eat a lot of fruits and vegetables enriched with Vitamin E, Vitamin C and help in collagen production. Drink green tea, lots of water and always try to keep your skin clean and moisturized. While some creams do wonders to skin – don’t stack up on them unnecessarily.

2. Having bouncy silky hair while all you have is frizzy and untamed hair

Shampoos, conditioners, chemicals, dryers, stylers – all of the usage on the hair tend to make them dry, frizzy and untamed. They do so much of damage to the hair that there lies no hope of getting them fixed. No matter how much of spa creams or treatments you take in the effect stays just for a few days.

The breakthrough of this comes when you act smart and work on achieving better hair. People have acknowledged that when the hair follicles are closed the hair gets all the nourishment and is able to retain moisture and shine. Therefore, when it comes to getting shiny, silky conditioned hair try to wash your hair with cold water to make the cuticles tightened and provide the hair with moisture and essential nutrients.

Beauty Tips To Look Perfect

3. Dark and fuller eyebrows when you just have a flake

Of course, eyebrows are the confidence arcs on the face that gives your face the desired beauty. While you watch celebrities flaunt their deep, dark and heavy eyebrows you cannot help wondering how to grow yours properly. The easiest solution to this is to fake it. Make use of the eyebrow pencils and brushes to create the arch you require and fill it gently with the same color as that of your real brows. You can also use therapies like mixing castor oil with Vitamin E essential oil to apply to your brows and make them denser in a few days. A little hard work and patience go a long way into making your arch beautiful.

Perfect Skin Beauty Tips

4. Radiant skin that is flawless when all you see is dry and flaky appearance

Maintaining a healthy skin is not a one day task. You may adore good skin but getting one requires a lot of hardwork. Eating right kind of fruits and vegetables, drinking ample water, taking in essential vitamins, working out and flushing out the blood toxins make a great impact on the skin. Drinking green tea also provides the skin with natural anti-oxidants which go a long way into helping achieve healthy and radiant skin.

Which are the oxymorons in beauty that you have faced and been able to shatter it with smartness? Share your beauty story and add on to being beautiful!