14 Must Have Hair Care Products For Those Gorgeous Tresses

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Don’t we all feel super confident on those days when our hair feels soft and glossy! While some women are born with these magic genes, others have to seek out the help of a few hair care products for nailing such enchanting tresses. Today, we are going to take a look at the 14 best products for your lustrous locks.


It’s impossible to think about hair care without talking about shampoo which aids in cleansing out hair from all unwanted dirt and pollution. Clarifying shampoos can get the roots extra clean by roughening up the hair cuticle. This type of shampoo is recommended for removing product build-up from your hair prior to getting a chemical treatment such as perming or colouring done. Volumizing shampoo as the name suggests makes hair thicker by opening up the hair cuticle. However, you will require to pick a shampoo having a lightweight conditioning ingredient that rinses off properly and does not weigh down the hair for that nice and fluffy look. Smoothing shampoo comes packed with oil or silicone which aid in straightening hair strands and reveal the best results when paired with a straightener. If you have coloured your tresses, then you need to wash them with a shampoo earmarked against the same and containing ingredients such as sea kelp, oils, and algae which are known to lock in the hair color.

Hair Shampoo


These hair care products can serve as your ultimate nirvana by bidding adieu to frizzy hair days. Rinse-out conditioners have to be left in for a few minutes before being rinsed out as they work through the hair ends. You should however avoid application of the same to your hair roots as this might result in the excess build-up which in turn can weigh your hair down. Leave-in conditioners on the other hand are perfect for detangling and smoothening as you get to use these lightweight hair care products for styling your glossy and silky tresses. If your hair has become excessively damaged, then deep conditioners or hair masks can serve you well as their ingredient waxes, emulsifiers and oils nourish your hair from the core. These masks have to be applied starting from the root to the tip and left on for at least 30 minutes before being thoroughly rinsed out.

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Hair Brush

The quality of your hairbrush has a big role to play in determining the health of your hair. Thus, you shouldn’t think twice before investing in a premium hair brush as that will last longer than its peers by helping you move towards your Rapunzel hair goals. Best brushes feature rubber bases and boar head bristles mixed with a few synthetic ones.

Hair Oils And Serums

Be it argan, coconut or avocado; hair oil is an absolute must when it comes to taming the ‘problematic’ hair fizz by ushering in lustrous shine and promoting hair growth. If your hair is excessively dry, then you can rub some hair from the mid-shaft up to the end prior to washing your hair. This will ensure that your hair ends do not dry out after shampooing.

Hair Oils

Dry Shampoo

These miracle workers absorb the oil in between washings and is a must-have for all those ladies who are always on the go. You can opt for such dry shampoos in either spray or powder form both of which have been designed specially to absorb excess oil from the hair roots. You are bound to be mesmerized by watching your hair transform as you rub some dry shampoo on the oily spots of your scalp.

Flat/Curling Iron

Both these hair styling products need to form a pivotal part of your beauty arsenal especially if you wish to experiment with your looks on a frequent basis. Whether you wish to add some structure to your wavy hair or volume to your flat strands, curling irons can cater to a diverse set of requirements. It is however advisable to opt for a flat iron having ceramic plates as they are safer on hair.

Blow Dryer

These hair care products can speed up your drying time while reducing your hair’s exposure to the damaging effects of heat. A dryer having a minimum 1875 wattage is advised for women having thick hair whereas fine haired women can suffice with 1500 watts.

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Hair Wax

Pomade or hair wax is popular for smoothening flyways, providing texture and imparting that extra hold which becomes essential for nailing intricate hairdos. For that extra gloss you can even mix some hair oil with the hair wax and apply it on your hair once you are done with the styling.

Hair Mousse

These hair care products can add volume to your hair instantaneously by providing some extra bounce to your precious locks. You can apply the mousse on your towel-dried hair using your fingers prior to blow drying the same. It is possible to take your pick from mousses having varying levels of hold to the ones used specifically for styling or volumizing. Mousse can also be of great help in allowing you to get more defined curls if you have curly tresses.

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Heat Protectant Spray

We often use hot tools for styling our hair. In such cases, a heat protectant spray becomes an absolute must-have for protecting your precious locks from the direct heat which is radiated from a hair straightener or a curling iron. You will simply have to spray some onto your hair from the middle up to the ends prior to heat styling. The best thing about these hair care products is that they do not leave any reside on your hair once styled.

Sea Salt Spray

By staying true to its nomenclature, these hair care products can impart a gritty and beachy look that can otherwise be attained during August months after spending a long day frolicking at the beach. It can impart extra texture to your fine hair strands thus paving the path for sexy beachy waves. Women having coarse hair are advised to opt for sea salt sprays having an oil-infused formula that can boost up gloss and shine simultaneously.

Hair Spray

Usage of hairspray can boost up your hair’s volume while keeping your hair in place round the clock. Whether you wish to use the hairspray for some special occasions or on a daily basis, it surely is an extremely versatile hair care product that needs to be there in the beauty kitty of every fashion-forward woman. From adding texture and volume to taming flyways and setting style, you can do it all coupled with a proper hairspray. If you feel that your hair tangles or roughens up following usage of hairspray, then there exist high chances that you are using excess quantities of the same or holding the bottle too close to your hair while spraying it on. As a rule of thumb, you need to hold the can at least 8-10 inches above your head.


If you wish to add body to your hair crown, then nothing can serve you as well as a pair of hot rollers that can impart true definition to your curly or wavy hair.

Curl Enhancing Cream

These hair care products can either be used on straight hair for providing the requisite texture or on curly hair for taming fizz and enhancing natural curls. It is advised to divide the towel-dried hair into a few sections and use a scrunching motion or twist the product into your hair for best results.

So, what are you waiting for? Load up your beauty box with these super-effective hair care products and say hello to those magnificent tresses.

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