5 Steps That You Must Follow To Look Like A Diva After Office

Nov 27, 2017 by Herry Chaudhari

As soon as the sun falls down there are brighter plans coming up each day!

With the kind of busy lives we live it is a wonder that we make time for so many things in a day! The busy schedules at the office, the meetings, juggling to run back home and planning for the next day’s task etc keeps our mind buzzing like a clock. How about your BFF calling with an extra ticket for concert? Or your recent crush asking for a few hours at the club? Sounds like a plan, right?

How To Look Like A Diva Everyday

While thinking about it can leave you looking at the mirror all shattered it is a simple pouch of makeup in your makeup which can transform you from ordinary to a superwoman. So, take it from us – the 5 steps transition from day to night makeup fast so that a trip to the office washroom can transform you from an employee to a Diva in minutes!

What you need?

All you need for a quick fix session in your office washroom is a small makeup pouch with a few essentials loaded in it. These can be travel friendly packs or sample sizes for not being heavy on your purse. Go pick them up!

* Blotting sheets

* Lip balm

* Eyeliner and Mascara

* Dark Lipstick – Preferably your favorite red!

* Contour brush

* Two in one contour-highlighting kit

How To Look Like Diva

1. First things first!

Having a clean skin is of utmost importance and if working all day has left your skin oily then use those blotting papers to dry up your skin and pull out the excessive oils. This shall keep a check on the already applied makeup and won’t muster it at all. Make sure you get a clean face without redness or dull look on the skin.

Look Like A Diva

2. Contour and highlight

For a little polished look to highlight the features in the night, get smart with your makeup. Use that contour brush the Two-in-one contour-highlighting kit to brighten up your features a bit. Make your jaw line more evident, the cheeks a little sharpened and eyes popping with beauty. Highlight the areas you want to let shine like the brow bones, the top of the nose and a tint around the cheek for that glam look in the night lights.

3. Blush with balm

A little pink always favours your smile and adds to your beauty. Your lip balm is a savior to your looks everyday. Use a minimal amount around the eye lids to give them a rosy look. Rub a bit of balm between your fingers and blend it near the cheeks for the ultimate blush and of course you can apply it on your forehead and chin to give a little rosy finish to the skin. You don’t want to look pale right?

Look Like Diva

4. Apply darker lipstick

While wearing a light or nude lipstick is the office etiquette, an evening cannot go without a dark lip shade which brightens your face and lets your smile shine. Always carry a dark shade of lipstick which flaunts your smile and works with every face makeup. This one can be a maroon or red which flaunts your skin. Change your lip shade to darker for that party look!

5. Mark that line or smudge it

Eyeliners and Mascara add a dramatic touch to your look. Mark that liner the way your like and dash up your eye lashes with a lot of mascara to brighten up your eyes and give it a more defined and dramatic feel. You can also smudge your liner and create a smudge look for a party or concert. Just make the best use of the duo to create the look you want! Dark eyes always make your evening brighter!

I Want To Look Like A Diva

We all have tried our fair share of these tricks a lot of time but keeping them handy is not considered much until today! Pack up these makeup essentials and make way for it in your purse or the drawer in your office. We are sure you would love the thrills that come up after the office hours get over and you have a plan for the night!