Shades Mixing For Getting A New Shade!

Nov 27, 2017 by Dal Uplana

Investing in good lipstick shades comes invariably to us all ladies. But nothing beats the frustration to buy a huge stock of lipstick and now find one which flaunts our skin. Watching the pile of unused lipsticks lying in front of us with all those glorious shades which don’t suit us well is indeed depressing too. But who said that there isn’t a space for come creativity and touch ups from our side to work with our lipsticks and turn the equation right? You can mix your own shades from the lot you have to turn around the world and embrace all the colors that flaunt your skin. Plus points: You can stock as many and any color of lipstick in your vanity!

Lipstick Shades And Skin Tone

Get your hands reads and the blending brushes right because these tips are going to create lipstick shades faster than you can say ‘Muah!’

1. Mixing two shades to create a third!

Well there sure are lipstick shades which you admire only when you coat it with another one. The best thing you can do is take up a spatula, a container and slice off a bit of both the shades, mix them well and turn it into a whole new shade which works for you. You can store this in a palette or a lipstick container to use it anytime you want. Best: This shade is exclusive to you!

2. Use your old lipsticks

Nothing breaks your heart to see a lot of old lipsticks which aren’t trending now and would die out soon without you being able to help! Well take cue from us! Use these lipsticks to create newer shades which work well for you today and brighten up your skin. From reds, maroons, pinks and even rouge colors you shall be able to create new shades with each one.

Lipstick Shades Color

3. Take the palette method!

Line up all your lipsticks to be mixed for creating shades in the form of charts. Combine one lipstick shades with all of the other to check on the ones you like. Mix the choices and store in a container. Work this way with all the lipstick shades and we assure you will have a whole new palette with more than 20 new shades ready for you to flaunt!

4. Mixing up colors

When looking out for inspirations to create a new lipstick shade, you have varied options to try. Take cue from some mixing here:

* Combine tones of browns with brick reds to get a dark brownish lipstick

* Mixing up chocolate or coffee shades of lipstick with violets will give you shades of wine or plums.

* Combine hot pinks and corals with chocolate browns to get mauve, majenta pinks and more shades

* Lighten up that old maroon with combinations of nude lipsticks

* Play with shades of that orange with additions of whites, violets and nude lipsticks

Lipstick Shades Dark

5. Create shades of reds and maroons

With DIY lipstick collections, you can actually invest in 10 lipsticks and create more than 20 shades at a go! When you have more than one red which is lying unused for some reason, you can play with the colors to bring out more shades of red. Just combine reds, maroons and oranges to create distinct colors. Collect the ones you like on your lips in a palette and Voila! You have a new lipstick palette of all your favorite reds.

Lipstick Shades Of Red

6. Try the Crayon lipsticks

Crayon lipsticks are a thing now and are so simple and easy to make that you shall love it to bits. Just choose the color you would like on your lips. Melt the crayon in a pan and add essential oils to it. Freeze the mixture for hours into the freezer and your shade is ready to be put to use, put it into a container or just a lipstick handle to use it the way you like it!

Lipstick Shades For Skin Tones

7. Play with your palette

For a quick fix shade, all you have to do is use your lipstick palette smartly! Take in little amounts of lipsticks from the palette on the back of your palm and give it a good blend. When the shade turns out to be of your choice just apply on your lips and you are done!

Old lipsticks and shades gone wrong can always be played with to create a new shade that suits your skin.