Tips For How To Blend Lipstick Colours Flawlessly

Nov 27, 2017 by Dal Uplana

All makeup users realise the importance of using the correct shade when it comes to their makeup products. The right shade of foundation, concealer and powder are important to make your face look naturally flawless and to make sure that you do not have patchy skin. The right shade of nail paint can make your hands look fairer and longer depending upon your skin shade. 

The most difficult colour to pick, however, is the shade you use for your lipstick. It is important for women to know and understand the shades of lipstick that suit their skin as well as the outfits that they are paired with. 

Many women end up splurging on different shades of lipstick which neither suit them nor complement their look. These go unused and are a waste of money. With the high prices of quality products, it is easily understood why one would be frustrated with this.

Fortunately, there is a solution to this issue. You can blend your lipsticks to get the right shade for yourself even if you can’t seem to find it in a drugstore or Sephora.

How To Blend Lipstick Colours

Birds of a Feather

You can use two lipsticks of the same colour to create a third shade that would suit you better than the other two shades. Mixing lipstick colours will suit your purpose best. Some colours can only be admired when they are mixed with other shades.

To mix two shades of lipstick, take a container and slice off a small chunk of the shades you want to use with a spatula. Mix them well to create the shade you had in mind. Store this mixture in a container and use it with a flat brush to create a perfect pout. 

Liptstick shades

Old Lipsticks

It breaks our hearts to throw away small chunks of unused lipstick stuck at the end of the container. Even the lipsticks that are lying around because they are out of trend can be used to create a new shade that will make you look better.

You can use various shades to achieve the result you want. From maroon to pink to red, there is nothing out of limits here. Mix and match different combinations to see the results for yourself. 

Palette Method

To make sure that you are blending the correct colours and creating the best combination to suit your skin, line up all your lipsticks to be mixed for creating shades in the form of charts.

Combine one lipstick shade with all of the other to check on the ones you like the best. Mix the choices and store them in a container. Work this way with all the lipstick shades, and rest assured, you will have a whole new palette with more than 20 new shades ready for you to wear!

Mixing Colours

There are certain evergreen and basic combinations that will help you understand the colour wheel better and help you create a shade that you have been trying to create.

how to blend lipstick colours

Here are some suggestions to get you started when you are mixing lipstick colors. When looking out for inspirations to create a new lipstick shade, you have varied options to try. Take a cue from some mixing here:

  • Tones of browns combined with brick reds to give a dark brownish lipstick
  •  Mixing lipstick colors like chocolate or coffee with shades of violet will give you shades of wine or plum. 
  • Combining hot pinks and corals with chocolate browns gives mauve, magenta pinks and more shades.
  •  An old maroon can be lightened up with combinations of nude lipsticks.
  •  Play with shades of that orange with additions of whites, violets and nude lipsticks. 

DIY Lipstick

By mixing lipstick colors you can invest in 10 lipsticks and easily create more than 20 shades at a go! When you have more than one red which is lying unused, you can play with the colors to bring out more shades of red.

how to blend lipstick colours

All you have to do is combine reds, maroons and oranges to create distinct colors. Collect the ones you like on your lips in a palette and You have a new lipstick palette of unique red shades.

Crayons Fuel Imagination

Crayon lipsticks are a thing now and are so simple and easy to make that an amateur can try them as well.

Choose the color you would like on your lips. Melt the crayon in a pan and add essential oils to it. Freeze the mixture for hours in the freezer and your shade is ready to be put to use, put it into a container or a lipstick handle for future use.

Use your Palette On the Go

For a quick fix, you have to use your lipstick palette smartly! Take little amounts of lipstick from the palette on the back of your palm and give it a good blend. When the shade turns out to be of your choice just apply on your lips and you are good to go.

Old lipsticks and shades can always be played with to create a new shade that suits your skin.


With these tips, one can easily learn how to blend lipstick colours and make the most of their unused lipsticks and old palettes.

Invest less money in your makeup and make sure you still have various shades to apply on your skin by mixing different colours.

This is why it is a great idea to learn how to blend lipstick colours. Go ahead and try these tips today!

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