The Dos And Don’ts Of Makeup – Must Know Guide For Beginners!

Jan 29, 2018 by Hansy shah

Applying makeup on your own face is nothing but a form of art. Even though you’re the artist and your face is your canvas, you can’t do whatever you want without taking proper care. It requires some patience and to get the perfect spot on makeup you must abide by some rules.

Tips For Makeup Beginners – The Dos And Don’ts

This article will make sure you know the dos and don’ts of makeup for beginners.

Face makeup tips for beginners

It’s time to perfect your complexion. When you start with your facial makeup, As a makeup beginners, you must remember these things that you must do:-

  • Wash your face with a mild facewash or cleanse it with toner and cleanser is the first step to follow when you do your makeup.
  • Apply moisturizer to your face and help your face retain the moisture content.
  • Choose the right shade of foundation for your skin. You must try a foundation that blends perfectly with the skin tone of your neck.
  • Apply a concealer after foundation.
  • Apply some moisturizer that is lightweight around the eyes when its day time and switch to eye cream that is heavy and rich at night. This trick prevents creasing of concealer underneath your eyes.
  • Have a mirror that will help you view your skin in a magnifying way. You’ll easily understand whether your makeup has perfectly blended or not.
  • Use some powder and apply it on your face with a fluffy brush. It should be light.

Do's And Don'ts In Applying Makeup

Don’ts of face makeup for beginners

  • Never use a concealer that is two shades below your complexion.
  • Don’t use oily concealer.
  • Application of makeup on a dirty or a face that already has last day’s makeup is a big mistake.
  • Never use dirty brushes to do your makeup.

Blush Makeup Tips For Beginners

Smile less, blush more. You have to remember that it is crucial for you to add some color to your flushed or flustered skin. Remember these points.

  • Apply your blush in circular motion that sweeps upwards towards the temples.
  • You can use a highlighter to intensify the look.
  • Use a cream blush rather than a powdered one, for natural looking cheeks.
  • Choose a blush that suits your complexion. Apply peach or pale pink if you’re of fair skin tone. Apply pale purple, apricot, pink berry or mauve if you’ve a medium skin tone. Reach out for peach that has a hint of orange if you’re of olive complexion. Raisin, cranberry or brick should be your choice if your complexion is dark.

Makeup Artist Dos And Don'ts

Don’ts of blush as makeup for beginners

  • Don’t smile when you’re applying blush. When you smile while applying your blush, after you’re done your cheeks will be normal and the blush will appear to be near your lips.
  • Use the right brush to blend your makeup.

Eye makeup tips for beginners

You can’t go wrong when it comes down to your eyes. Make them look subtle and beautiful. Remember these few techniques.

  • Make your brows stand out by applying highlighter on the top and bottom of your brows and blending it well.
  • Use a lighter shade of color to fill your brows. If you’ve blond complexioned brows go for two shades darker than your tone.
  • Use the correct sort of brushes for blending your eye makeup. We recommend Best Choice 7 Essential Makeup Brushes for eye makeup.
  • You must apply a lighter shade in the inward corner of the eye and a darker one at the outward corner.
  • Always dust away excessive eyeshadow from the brush before application.

Makeup Dos And Don'ts 2018

The don’ts of eye makeup for beginners

  • Never apply mascara on eyelashes that already have mascara on. The outcome won’t be correct. Rather use a spoolie brush. Wet the spoolie and brush your lashes first. Then apply your mascara.
  • Don’t try to put the brush in and out to extract more mascara you’ll just end up drying the mascara in the tube.
  • Never apply eyeshadow all over the lid. Apply it on one corner for the correct result.
  • Never use only one shade of eyeshadow. Use two different shades to give your eye the look.
  • Using two different shades for your lower and upper eye is a big no-no.

Lips makeup tips for beginners

Make your lips shine with these must remember points.

  • Always apply concealer on the outer corner of your lips.
  • Dab your lips with a wet tissue and apply some lipbalm before you apply lipstick.
  • Choose or Buy a lipstick shade that is two shades darker than your lip color like light red lipsticks, cherry red lipstick.
  • Use a makeup brush to apply lipstick or lip gloss to avoid stains on your lips.

Makeup Dos And Don'ts

Don’ts for lips makeup for beginners

  • Don’t apply a lipliner that is darker than your lipstick shade.
  • Don’t apply dark lipstick if you have thin lips.

As a makeup beginners, you must keep in mind these tips while you do your makeup. A small mistake can ruin your outfit and the beauty of your face. Remember, less is more. So, go for it!

I hope you loved these makeup tips for beginners and you’ll share with your friends or others who are beginners for makeup.  Get more ideas here.

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